Final Stage of Life Conversations

The topic of the final stage of our pet’s life is hard to think about. I suspect there is a part of us that believes we may bring about the end sooner if we admit that it is approaching; however, discussing with your pet it’s end of life can be the best, most fulfilling discussion you’ve ever […]

Communicating with Animals in Spirit

Many people ask me if animal communication works with animals who have passed on. The short answer is “yes” but of course, there is a longer, more detailed answer as well. As an animal communicator, my experience is that most animals remain available, willing, ready, and even anxious to communicate with their humans. Occasionally this is not […]

Terminal Care and Assistance for Our Pets

I attended a workshop last fall which addressed the topic of the animals’ perspective on dying and when/if assistance is appropriate. The guest presenter of the workshop, Paloma Bärtschi-Herrera, has published an e-book on this subject. I found the e-book to be insightful and helpful in answering some questions about the dying process based on the wisdom of her own […]

What is Animal Communication? on Live the Day radio

Kelly with client “Cooper”

I am pleased to be a guest again on the “Live the Day” program on Blog Talk Radio with host Dr. Rachelle Disbennett-Lee. The program will air live on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Coach-Lee48  on Monday, June 22, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time. Those listening live can call in to ask questions and […]

Resources to Assist when our Pet Passes On

This is a difficult and emotional topic, but one that I work with regularly in my animal communication practice. At some point our beloved pet will age, and eventually will pass away. I appreciate when animal guardians seek out communication or counseling services when the time draws near. It can be extremely helpful for the animal and the guardian to have […]