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Student Comments

…All animals are different I knew I just had to find her language. After hearing your method (briefly) I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk the old speech way and got the same cocked head not sure what you are saying but Im listening response. So I visualized us going on a walk to one of our favorite places. Instantly got the tail wag and excited response I was looking for! Oh the things animals can teach us! Thanks again, I look forward to more training w/you!

Pets Are Speaking; Are You Listening?

Classes and Events


Instructor:  Kelly Krueger,  Animal Communicator

Are you interested in learning more about animal communication? Articulate Animals offers a variety of tele-classes and tele-seminars nationwide for people

– wishing to understand what animal communication is;
– desiring to communicate with their own pets regularly;
– exploring becoming an animal communicator.

Kelly also offers presentations and seminars to groups and organizations and is available to discuss animal communication benefits and techniques at events in the Denver-metro area.

2015 Class Schedule

                        October 13, 2015            Basic Animal Communication: Conveying Info  tele-class

                        October 27, 2015            Basic Animal Communication: Listening Skills  tele-class


                        On Demand                      Flower Essences ~ Why and How  tele-class

                        On Demand                      Your Pet is Speaking; Are You Listening?  free tele-seminar

                        On Demand                      Basic Animal Communication: Conveying Info  tele-class


Class registration and payment can be made via the PayPal “Buy Now” button. Other methods of payment (check or credit/debit card) are accepted by contacting Articulate Animals directly.

For questions about classes or to schedule an event or presentation, please contact Articulate Animals.