Your Pet is Speaking; Are You Listening? (free tele-seminar)

Is animal communication right for you and your pets? Many people find value in working with an animal communicator, yet for many is it a “leap of faith” based on a recommendation from a friend. If you are wondering if animal communication would benefit you and your animal family, join us for this FREE tele-seminar.

On Demand

Available “on demand” to listen at your convenience:

ConferenceRecording-Pet is Speaking 2-12 (46 minutes)

In the 45-minute tele-seminar, we will cover:

  • What is animal communication?
  • How do animal communicators receive and convey information?
  • How can animal communication benefit me and my household?
  • Questions and Answers
  • Stories and examples from actual animal communication sessions

The tele-seminar is open to anyone interested in knowing more about animal communication, whether you have worked with animal communicators in the past, or you are considering listening to your animals through an animal communicator for the first time.