Happy Holidays from Articulate Animals, and many blessings to you and your beloved pets in 2019!

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication can help deepen your relationship and understanding of your animal companions, bringing a greater sense of harmony to your household.

Animal Communicator Kelly Krueger explains: Those of us with animals in our lives practice a form of animal communication every day. We speak to our pets regularly, generally for the purpose of accomplishing a task or correcting a behavior. It is often quite obvious that our animals listen to us; it may not be as clear that our animals speak to us as well, with equal purpose and intention. A professional animal communicator provides an opportunity to fully communicate with your beloved companions.

Kelly can share your thoughts and desires with your pet as well as ask questions of your pet which may help to explain behaviors, assist you in knowing if discomfort exists, discuss upcoming changes in the household and a variety of other general topics.

What Animals and Humans say
about their communication experience…

Chris ~ Illinois

After our session together Reba did great!  She really came around with [our temporary foster dog].

Jane ~ Iowa

I am amazed … after over a year of cajoling, coaxing and finally heaving him up in the car, Dexter has jumped up [into the car] for every walk this weekend.  He is proud of himself and we are thrilled.

As [my husband] said, “You can’t argue with facts!”

Amy ~ Wyoming

For about three days after we spoke, the barking completely ceased!! My fiancé and I kept texting each other about the experiences we had with Ramone where he did not bark because they were so different than what we were used to! The barking has returned but is not as extreme. We have the conversation with him when he does bark that you suggested and that usually quiets him.

Student ~ Basic Animal Communication for Daily Living

It was such a good class and the way you structured it helped me succeed and understand. I had a surprising visit by my childhood dog thanking me for what I had recently written about him. Your teaching is giving me a gift I've wanted for some time.

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October 8, 2018

Change the Narrative

Recently a client commented that the family had been living with a behavior from their pet long enough that they had normalized it. It’s not that they weren’t aware and still frustrated, rather they had given up or stopped working consistently with their pet’s behavioral shifts. They were no longer seeing the possibilities of change. The client felt refreshed with enthusiasm after our consultation and interested in revisiting both tried and new training techniques, this time coupled with holding a vision, or […]
July 18, 2018

Helping Pets with Disruptions

Life is busy. We come and go and plan out our days. Our pets get used to our routine and develop their routine accordingly. No joke! I recently chatted with a cat whose mom was considering a new home-based job instead of being out of the home several hours most days. The kitty was clear that she loves her mom very much… and if mom is going to be home more, please don’t disrupt my routine! It may not come immediately to […]
May 5, 2018

How to Communicate a Change in Seasons

No matter in which hemisphere you live, there will be a change of seasons. Hours of sunlight shortening or lengthening, temperature changes, and the overall energy shift during these transitions from winter to summer or vice versa are noticeable to all. You may notice some changes – subtle or obvious – with your animals as they adjust. It’s natural, so how can we best help our pets in the seasonal change? Example Communications Our job and biggest desire is to keep our pets safe. […]