Due to Kelly’s retirement, the Articulate Animals office will be closed permanently as of June 9, 2021. We wish you and your animal family much joy and love in the future. You can check AnimalTalk.net for a list of recommended professional animal communicators. Thank you for your loyal support of Articulate Animals over the years!

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication can help deepen your relationship and understanding of your animal companions, bringing a greater sense of harmony to your household.

Animal Communicator Kelly Krueger explains: Those of us with animals in our lives practice a form of animal communication every day. We speak to our pets regularly, generally for the purpose of accomplishing a task or correcting a behavior. It is often quite obvious that our animals listen to us; it may not be as clear that our animals speak to us as well, with equal purpose and intention. A professional animal communicator provides an opportunity to fully communicate with your beloved companions.

Kelly can share your thoughts and desires with your pet as well as ask questions of your pet which may help to explain behaviors, assist you in knowing if discomfort exists, discuss upcoming changes in the household and a variety of other general topics.

What Animals and Humans say
about their communication experience…

Susan ~ Colorado

I am all astonishment: Last night, NO problems getting Daisy to sleep in the living room. She didn't even consider sleeping in our room. I did what you suggested, talking to her about it before bedtime, and we had a great opportunity to give her something useful to do: The racoons had gotten into the birdbath and I told her she needed to tell me when they started doing that again so I could shoo them off! She stayed in the living room and let me know at 1:45am that they were back.

I couldn't believe it-- she never came down the hallway to our room, never gave me a sad face, never looked forlornly at the living room as if there was no good place for a dog to sleep (there are several cush spots out there, believe me). Wonderful!

Marissa ~ Illinois

Thank you again for our call. I’ll have to do some check-ins more often. They really do instantly help. What a special gift you have! It’s truly amazing. Ringo is doing so much better! We found this perfect, inexpensive, dry fit, summer shirt. He absolutely loves it! I had no idea. I’m not sure what he needs it for but it certainly is making him happy and that’s all that matters!

Leila ~ Colorado

I am so pleased to report that [my puppy]'s demand barking with [her elder dog companion] continues to decrease and she understands the request to CHILL better and better. AND the biggest thing is that she is starting to initiate play with [the elder]! It is so awesome to watch and I silently praise both of them, but especially [the puppy], for doing this and for doing it so well!

Thanks again for your help with this. Really for all my journeys with this pack of mine!

Chris ~ Illinois

After our session together Reba did great!  She really came around with [our temporary foster dog].

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