How did I know?

While humans are away, cats can play!
June 3, 2009

How did I know?

I am frequently asked how I first knew I could communicate with animals, and I chuckle at the memory of my “ah ha moment” every time!I was considering taking in a new dog – an elder from a friend whose family lifestyle was no longer conducive to pets – and went in to talk with my vet about the possible addition to my animal family. We discussed the adoptee’s health issues and how I should go about preparing my existing animals for the newbie. Dr. Diana had good advice and suggestions. At one point she said “would you consider consulting with an animal communicator?”

I will always credit my vet, my mentor, and Pugsley with setting me on my path.

This was my huge “ah ha” and apparently it showed all over my face. I responded with excitement and enthusiasm “I think I do that! I didn’t know there was a name for it, or a profession, but I think I do that!”

Hence began my quest to become a professional animal communicator. I took a few classes, drove my friends and family crazy with repeated requests to practice with their animals, was accepted as an apprentice, then launched my Articulate Animals business.

I will always credit my veterinarian, my communication mentor, and my beloved Pugsley (now passed)  with setting me on path to becoming an animal communicator.

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