Resources to Assist when our Pet Passes On

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June 9, 2009
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June 15, 2009

Resources to Assist when our Pet Passes On

This is a difficult and emotional topic, but one that I work with regularly in my animal communication practice. At some point our beloved pet will age, and eventually will pass away. I appreciate when animal guardians seek out communication or counseling services when the time draws near. It can be extremely helpful for the animal and the guardian to have final words and an opportunity for closure.

loosey1Often the client utilizes animal communication to understand the animals preference – will they be able to pass on their own, or are they asking for assistance? Sometimes I find in my communications that the animal is ready to pass, but is concerned that their human family has not yet reconciled the inevitable. They are seeking permission from their human to finish their transition into the spirit world, as described in this 2-minute audio clip.

Even with the comfort we might receive by understanding our beloved companion’s wishes, there will be more questions and decisions for the humans to make. If the animal indicates that assistance in passing will be necessary or preferred, then what? The humans of the family are left to make the decisions and arrangements. Living in the Denver metro area, I am fortunate to know of  Dr. Ann Brandenburg-Schroeder, a DVM who has devoted her veterinary practice exclusively to in-home euthanasia, as detailed in a recent article in USA Today. I have referred many clients and friends to Dr. Ann, and the words used to describe their experience (“The Day Miki’s Spirit Left her Body”) often include “loving; compassionate; comforting; amazingly good experience” – words which may seem out of context given the subject matter, but are heartfelt and appropriate.

Saying goodbye to our animal companion is heart-wrenching. I have recently learned of a website,, created by Adria A. Ellerbrock, MBA, which consolidates a number of helpful resources for death planning and working through our grief.

It is hard to imagine our lives without our beloved animal companions. Perhaps these resources will make a difficult time a little more bearable.

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