Flower Essences for Emotional Healing – Part One

Our Well-Being Affects our Pets
August 14, 2009
Flower Essences for Emotional Healing – Part Two
September 1, 2009

Flower Essences for Emotional Healing – Part One

As an animal communicator I work with animals for a broad variety of reasons. Some are straight-forward, others are quite complex. Some animals with which I work exhibit obvious emotional distress; others express some subtle, underlying emotional sensitivities. It is not uncommon for emotional sensitivities or distress to have a direct correlation to behavioral issues, and if left unchecked, could develop into certain types of physical issues.

Occasionally I work with an animal with low-grade anxiety which disappears once the animal feels heard and understood, or has the benefit of hearing from their human just exactly why a certain change in their environment has taken place. Some emotional distress, however, is deeply rooted, or there may be multiple causes for distress. No two cases are exactly alike, and for some animals the support of a natural remedy may assist in working through his/her emotions.

Not every animal responds to natural essences or homeopathic remedies. Many do, however, and often the guardian reports a very positive result. There are many varieties and categories of natural support available – too many to discuss here. Homeopathic remedies (typically dispensed in small pellets) number in the thousands, but the most common are available in natural food or drug stores. Flower Essence Remedies (available as tinctures in a droppertinctures bottle) are also readily available in holistic food or drug stores and can be quickly and easily administered to both humans and animals.

One of the most recognized and available brand names for Flower Essence Remedies is Bach’s Rescue Remedy. It has become so popular, in fact, the packaging is slightly different than other Bach Flower Essences, and I am beginning to see Rescue Remedy in a variety of retail stores. I sometimes describe Rescue Remedy to my clients as the “all purpose” remedy which, in my opinion, we should all have on hand in our medicine cabinets for all members of the family – human and animal. I use Rescue Remedy for my furry companions whenever there is an occasion which may cause a little stress or anxiety – dental cleanings or other veterinary procedures, thunder and lightning storms,  a visiting animal companion, etc. Any time there might be a little emotional disruption, I consider the use of Rescue Remedy.

There are 38 Bach Flower Essences, many of which are combined in Rescue Remedy, hence the “all purpose” status that I have given it. I’m a big believer in the individual essences as well as Rescue Remedy. Each of the 38 has specific properties which speak to individual emotional sensitivities. Flower essences are exactly that – the essence of a particular flowering shrub, tree or plant. Non-domesticated animals have access to these sources for emotional well-being as they wander through nature, absorbing from the plants and trees the exact essence which they are needing in that moment. Flower essences support our (human and animal) body’s natural ability to heal our emotional sensitivities, or help ourselves become more emotionally balanced. Our domesticated animals – cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, etc. – don’t have the same access to these essences from nature, so we can supply it for them as appropriate.

Of the 38 essences, there are 20 or so which I most routinely select specifically for animal clients (part two of this topic will discuss a few of the essences). Sometimes it is beneficial to select two or three individual essences for the more complex or deeply rooted emotional issues. Within each broad category of emotional sensitivities – aggression, anxiety or fears, confidence issues, etc. – several essences may be appropriate. In my practice I’ve found it extremely helpful to identify several possible essences based on written description, then to ask the animal about each in turn to identify the best possible match for the individual animal. I also know that for the most complex emotional issues, a few different essences may be appropriate, sometimes in combination or administered in phases as each emotional sensitivity is addressed.

Dr. Bach is really considered the “pioneer” of Flower Essences, however others have developed flower essence remedies which are also effective. In my studies I have worked with and used several varieties of flower essence remedies in addition to Bach. Sometimes animals will benefit from custom blended remedies for their specific, individual needs, and some animals are better served to use a mineral water-based flower essence. 

If you suspect some emotional upset in your pets, or if you are an Articulate Animals client and I suggest using a Flower Essence for your beloved companion, I hope this information is useful. We all appreciate emotionally balanced animals in our lives!

Part Two discusses some of the individual essences and their possible outcomes.

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