Animal Communication and Body Language

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Animal Communication and Body Language

An animal communication client of mine has been studying up on animal body language as they get to know their new puppy. They wonder about a dog’s body language and how it relates to their feelings from an animal communication point of view. I’m so glad they asked! I’ve never thought about this before, and I’ve taken some time ponder.

More than 90% of my animal communication consultations are done via phone. I generally have a photo of the animal(s) as a focal point, but photos don’t convey the ever-changing body language present in all beings. Since I am not in the physical presence of animals during most of my communication sessions, do I notice body language? Do I utilize it while communicating with animals?

I realize, Yes I do! This is one of those things I hadn’t noticed until I actually thought about it. An animal’s body language does come though in various ways as I work with them telepathically. I tried to dissect my process of receiving information from animals as it relates to body language – is it my perception, or does literal body language come though energetically?

Turns out, there is some of both. When I chat with a cat, for example, who conveys an unwillingness to consider a change of opinion or behavior, I might receive an image or a sense of the cat sitting back with his or her arms crossed with a very stubborn attitude. Obviously cats don’t have arms, nor do they cross them in the same posture that humans use. Yet very often the emotions expressed by animals, in this case a cat stubbornly expressing her disinterest in changing her behavior, comes through in such a way that I perceive a typical human expression of body language, and this is often the best way I can convey that strong emotion to the cat’s human. When I work with extremely fearful or aggressive animals, I feel and/or “sense” their fear or aggression; similar to viewing body language of a tail tucked between the legs or a certain posture with correlating snarl or exposed teeth.

On the other hand, animals can and do send me information that contains literal body language which is important in understanding how they are feeling, or what they are trying to convey. I have a number of experiences where the animal sends an image or a sensation of themselves to explain just how they are feeling. A dog once said to me “I’m a Princess” and showed me an image of her walking through the house in a very regal way. Her princess-like attitude was very clearly conveyed to me in body language to illustrate her royalty as opposed to her being diva-like.

My own girl-pug dog does NOT like to talk to me about serious issues; she says “I just want to have fun with you!” So when I broach a serious topic when communicating telepathically with her, I quite often see an image of her turning her head and becoming disengaged in our conversation. If you have teenagers, you probably know the same body language!!!

All of the subtle bits of information come together to form a picture of the animal with which I am working, and just exactly how that animal is feeling. Body language certainly plays a part, even telepathically. How does body language benefit animal communication? The solutions to a behavioral problem with a regal-princess vs. a diva-princess are slightly different; therefore how we proceed in the conversation would be slightly different as well. It is important to be in tune with energetic body language when solutions to the particular topic are delivered to the animal. An animal who hears an expectation or request and responds with the proverbial “arms crossed” will probably need some more convincing, but a dog that receives the expectation of a change in behavior by sending me an image of an enthusiastic tail-wag is good to go!

Thanks for asking this question about body language and animal communication. It has given me something to ponder, and I hope has helped explain an aspect of animal communication which will help you understand your new puppy better!

I look forward to working with your beloved animals for a variety of relevant topics. Schedule your animal communication consultation now for a deeper understanding of behaviors, symptoms, and quality of life.


  1. Katie says:

    Thanks for the great post Kelly! This is fascinating insight into the wonderful mystery of what you perceive about animals when you communicate with them over the phone. I wondered what you pictured when they spoke to you and this totally makes sense. To properly convey what an animal is feeling to someone else, you sort of have to anthropomorphize in order to put it in terms in which we all can identify. I am now thinking about what my beloved dog Sophie must have looked like as you spoke to her last year. She was a sassypants – I imagine her with her hands (paws) on her hips in defiance. 🙂

    • I thank you, Katie, for asking the question about an animal’s body lanuage and how that plays a role in animal communication. Have fun with your new puppy as you get to know the Husky way of being through body language!

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