Bringing A Missing Pet Home: Rufus’s Story

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August 4, 2010
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August 31, 2010

Bringing A Missing Pet Home: Rufus’s Story

A client contacted me a few weeks ago with the news that her parents’ pet parakeet, Rufus, had gone missing. While he spends a good amount of time out of his cage with his people during the day, he is not an outside bird. On this day, however, Rufus was outside by accident and, as all of us with pets know, sometimes accidents happen. Rufus was startled and flew out of grasp.

A missing pet of any species is heartbreaking. We generally feel a combination of panic, guilt, desperation and devastation, yet we try to remain hopeful amidst it all. Though challenging, it is important to remain optimistic and to work through all possible avenues to bring your beloved pet back home safely.

This is a story of a family who did everything they possibly could to bring Rufus home, and it paid off. The parents of Rufus acted very quickly and called other family members in and out of their small town asking for support and guidance. This immediate networking provided resources and suggestions which wouldn’t otherwise have been available. Each family member took a bit of the responsibility to contact any resource of which they were aware. This included placing an ad in the local newspaper, requesting an announcement on the local radio station, posting signs around the neighborhood, contacting an animal communicator, and registering Rufus on, a service providing telephone broadcast messages to help bring missing pets home. Through it all the family was pragmatic, knowing the chances of a small bird being identified as a missing pet were slim, but still remaining optimistic that their efforts would be successful.

Low and behold, Rufus was found! He spent one night out on his own, and one night with a very loving gentleman who spotted Rufus sitting on his backyard bird bath and cared for him overnight. Apparently the gentleman mentioned finding Rufus to some family and friends, and this networking led to Rufus’s safe return home. Someone saw the advertisement in the newspaper the next morning, alerted the gentleman, and he returned Rufus promptly to his very happy and welcoming family.

Any of the methods used – signage, newspaper, radio, animal communication, a missing pet service – could have been the method that brought Rufus home. The fact is, we don’t know who may notice our beloved pet and what newspaper ad or sign in the neighborhood they might see. It only takes one to bring our pet home. Broadening the scope of the search by utilizing all methods available as quickly as possible increases the odds that the one person who has seen our pet has also seen at least one sign or newspaper ad or heard one radio announcement or received one phone message from a missing pet service.

It is my hope that none of us ever has to go through the anguish of a missing pet. Should that unforeseen circumstance happen, however, I urge you to network extensively and utilize all possible options, as this family did, to bring your beloved pet home quickly and safely.

I look forward to working with your beloved animals for a variety of relevant topics. Schedule your animal communication consultation now for a deeper understanding of behaviors, symptoms, and quality of life.

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