Take the 24-hour Pet Communication Challenge

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Take the 24-hour Pet Communication Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? You can do it, I promise! It’s simple.

Objective: Spend the next 24 hours joyfully communicating all the wonderful things you know about your pet

Rationale: This challenge reminds us just how simple it is to express our love and our expectations to our pets in a way that encourages their enthusiastic participation


1. Identify 2-3 items you wish to work on with your pet, or recent successes which you wish to reinforce

2. For 24 hours, be conscious of communicating with your pet, both out-loud and silently, in an encouraging, positive, and compassionate way

That’s it! I told you – simple! To help you with your challenge, here are a few examples. Some may apply directly to your own topics, or you can use these examples to create your own reinforcing communications.

House training example: Perhaps your dog has been properly house broken for some time, with only the occasional accident due to a short-term virus or a moment of extreme excitement. At some point in the day, unrelated to a bathroom break (or mistake), simply affirm the great job they’ve been doing: “You are my great go-outside-to-go-potty boy, Rover.” Do they know exactly what the words mean? No, but in that moment of expressing your sincere appreciation of a consistent job well-done, you will feel joyful at the success and you will automatically envision the several productive trips outside for appropriate elimination. The words of affirmation help you to feel and envision your expression of joy and congratulations and that is what your pet will understand and respond to.

New companion example: Perhaps you have introduced a new kitty to your family of cats. It is never too late to appreciate and affirm the wonderful integration (even if it isn’t consistently wonderful yet!) offered by your existing cats. “Fluffy, I am so proud of what an excellent big sister you are!” Your sincere expression of the welcoming nature of Fluffy, even if Fluffy still has an occasional hiss-fit toward the new kitten, sets a joyful, compassionate expectation which will eventually be fulfilled.

Weight loss example: If your horse enjoys chomping on all the fresh, tender spring grass and has plumped up a bit, you can encourage him through his weight loss regimen: “What a handsome, svelte, and energetic stud you are, Poco!” The tone and content of this affirmation, given randomly and with no direct affiliation to mealtime, helps both you and your horse to remember the goal and see the successful outcome which will soon be realized.

Aging example: My own 11 year old dog still loves her walks, but I notice that its taking a little longer to complete our usual loop. It is healthy for both the human and the animal to accept and acknowledge some of the typical aging issues that might begin to surface, such as slowing down slightly: “Jezebel, you are my great walking-girl companion!” This simple affirmation, delivered by actually envisioning our very pleasant daily walks, however long they might take, keeps us both present and appreciating every moment we have together. It’s not unusual for me to give this affirmation in the evening as we snuggle, hours after our walk that day.

Most of us move through our day with our beloved pets stating fairly routine requests, corrections, and praise, and we may say little else to our animal companions. These are all appropriate and important ways to work with and connect with our pets, but it takes so little time and energy to communicate even more with them.

This 24-hour challenge encourages you to identify and add in non-routine affirmations through the day. I’m always in a better mood after saying to Jezebel, randomly, just because I love her, “you are my beautiful and sweet 11 year old girl!” My loving relationship with her just got a little boost and my smile got a little bigger. Challenge yourself to a day of positive affirmations with your pets and see if you don’t have a better day for it. I bet your beloved pet will!

I look forward to working with your beloved animals for a variety of relevant topics. Schedule your animal communication consultation now for a deeper understanding of behaviors, symptoms, and quality of life.

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