Rider’s Story – Wisdom on Life After Death

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November 11, 2010
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Rider’s Story – Wisdom on Life After Death

Most of the animals I work with in my animal communication practice teach me something. These little bits of learning add up over time; sometimes a whole new concept is unveiled by one wise animal. Such was the case with Rider, a beautiful canine who enjoyed a very full life. At the end of his time on earth he took the opportunity to teach his human and me his view on life after passing.

A few weeks before his passing, Rider was clear with his human that he loved his life and would gladly just replace his tired-out body and stay in this life with his human if he could. He was clear that he would be exploring options to be in a physical body again just as soon as feasible – he didn’t want to miss out on any exciting earthly adventures if he had the choice!

In our first connection with Rider shortly after his passing, he expressed joyfulness to his human, and he said he was already watching for opportunities to come back to earth in a new body. During our consultation with Rider, his human asked if he had seen his canine companion, Wally, or had any contact with him yet? Rider responded “yes, I am aware of Wally, we are in contact, we can be each other.” We moved on to other topics and closed our session with him.

In the next connection with Rider, his human, an open and loving person who has her own gifts with animals and people, remembered Rider’s response and asked him to expand, please. Rider took a breath, in a manner of speaking, and began his lesson. From Rider’s perspective:

Rider – “all spirit beings are one another.” He offered an image of minuscule particles intermingling and the individual particles were moving around, but also through and into, other particles.


Rider – “All of us spirits are each other. We don’t “become” one another on demand; we *are* one another all the time. We don’t have to ask questions of one another or respond, we don’t have to see each other or have a conversation. As spirits, we are all spirits with all the experiences, knowledge, and wisdom from all.”

So you are part of one big spirit community?

Rider – “I am the spirit community; the spirit community is me. I can be individual when I choose to be, like right now talking to you. But when I am with my fellow spirits, I am them and I have experienced their experiences, and their adventures, and I know what they know. We are not individual. We are one; we are one another.”

In the spirit world, do you have a body?

“I can have an image of a body if I need one. I can express myself in the physical world by showing my spirit in a body.”

I had to ask, Kelly to Rider – “Why is this a new concept to me? Why have I not understood this from other animals who are newly in spirit form?”

Rider – “The questions you ask, the questions most humans ask of their animals in spirit are individual in nature. We speak to you as individuals. This time my mom wanted, needed, and was ready to know more.”

I will be forever grateful to Rider’s wise human who identified his initial comment as one worth exploring. Not only have I learned from Rider an additional aspect of life after passing, I am learning to hear beyond what our limited human context might indicate. This lesson is a work in progress….

Rider also talked to his human about reincarnation. That, too, was a new way of considering the process of reincarnation. A good topic for a future blog post!

I look forward to working with your beloved animals for a variety of relevant topics. Schedule your animal communication consultation now for a deeper understanding of behaviors, symptoms, and quality of life.

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  1. online pet says:

    Please keep on posting such quality posts as this is a rare thing to find these days. I will be forever grateful to Rider’s wise human who identified his initial comment as one worth exploring. Not only have I learned from Rider an additional aspect of life after passing, I am learning to hear beyond what our limited human context might indicate. Best of luck for the next! Thanks for join with us.

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