Time with Special Colorado Wildlife

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May 2, 2011
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July 1, 2011

Time with Special Colorado Wildlife

Living in the mountains of Colorado, I see a variety of wildlife regularly. I am always grateful for these sightings which are generally a bit of distance away, or at the least, on the other side of my living room windows.

This past weekend I was blessed to spend quality time with wildlife “up close and personal” at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center in Divide. It’s my second visit in five years, but no less thrilling the second time around.

The founder and volunteers at this wildlife sanctuary do an amazing job rescuing, healing, and rehabilitating these amazing creatures of the wild. Because of their injuries, either physical or emotional, these rescued creatures would not survive if returned to the wild so the CWWC has created a natural habitat where the rescued wolves, fox, and coyotes can live out their days in safety. This also then offers a wonderful educational opportunity about our local wildlife. I know I gained a deeper appreciation and respect for these magnificent animals after this day trip.

Following the educational tour, some of us were allowed access directly in with the wolves. Yes, they are fairly friendly, but one peek at their flesh-ripping teeth and haunting eyes and there is no chance of confusing a wolf with a domesticated dog. Their distinctive howl is unmistakable as well. While I felt relatively safe interacting with these wolves in this environment, this experience underscored for me that wildlife are meant to be wild. We can admire from afar but we must leave our precious wildlife where they belong – in the wild. These beautiful specimens who were unfairly plucked from nature to live in a domestic setting such as a fraternity house, junk yards, and neighborhood backyards now have physical and emotional scars for life. Thank you, CWWC, for saving these precious beings.

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