Article: Kelly Krueger Provides a Voice for Your Pet’s Needs and Emotions

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May 20, 2011
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Article: Kelly Krueger Provides a Voice for Your Pet’s Needs and Emotions

Mountain Connection Magazine, July 2011 issue

Kelly Krueger Provides a Voice for Your Pet’s Needs and Emotions

By Sarah Schraad

Are you or your family heading on vacation this summer? And if so, have you told your pets what is in store for them while you are away? Kelly Krueger, owner of Articulate Animals, can help you pass along the message. A professional animal communicator, Krueger says that it is important your pet understands when and why you are going away…and that you’re coming back.

“More and more people are utilizing animal communication for a variety of situations like vacation preparation, as well as behavioral problems and health concerns,” says Krueger. “By enlisting an animal communicator, individuals can deepen their relationship and understanding of their pets, as well as obtain information about a particular issue that can then be used to benefit both the family and the animal.”

Born and raised on a Wyoming cattle ranch, animals have always been part of Krueger’s life. Based in Evergreen, she launched Articulate Animals in 2007 and has worked with clients in nearly every US state as well as around the world in places like India, Australia, and Ireland.

While the majority of her consultations are with dogs, cats, and horses, Krueger has also worked with birds, rabbits, iguanas, and more.  She connects telepathically with the animal in an effort to better understand a variety of issues, for example, why the pet behaves a specific way around strangers. In the event of a health concern, Krueger can help identify where an animal’s physical discomfort exists, which can then be shared with the family’s veterinarian. She also helps animals prepare for upcoming household changes such as a new baby, loss of a loved one, or moving to a new home.

“Most pet owners speak with their pets daily, usually to accomplish a specific task or correct a behavior,” Krueger says. “While we know our animals listen to us, it may not be as clear that our animals are also speaking to us with the same purpose and intent. I help individuals better understand what their pets are saying and feeling, because once those details are uncovered, harmony and balance can be restored.”

While there will always be skeptics, Krueger says that once an individual actually experiences the benefits and sees the results – such as a strange behavior that abruptly stops following a consultation – they recognize that animal communication does work and can improve the health and happiness of an animal.

“All of my clients have the same goal in mind, which is to gain a better understanding of their pet’s overall well-being and ensure the animal is content and feels loved. I can think of no better reward than helping my clients achieve a stronger relationship with their animal companion,” she adds.

More information is available on Kelly’s website,, including first-hand testimonials about her work and information on upcoming classes on animal communication. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation, contact Kelly at or by phone at 303-670-0292. 

I look forward to working with your beloved animals for a variety of relevant topics. Schedule your animal communication consultation now for a deeper understanding of behaviors, symptoms, and quality of life.

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