Preparing for a Family Move With Our Pets

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March 21, 2012
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July 18, 2012

Preparing for a Family Move With Our Pets

Are you planning to move to a new home in the next few months? There is so much planning and activity associated with moving homes and sometimes our animals have a hard time with the changes that are taking place. Animal communication can help ease any worry or anxiety that your pet’s may have.

There are many animals who adjust to their new home relatively quickly, and some have a harder time. For every animal who moves with their family, their individual experience is different. If you have a move scheduled, or are thinking about a move in the future, here are some examples to learn from:

  • The best example is to recognize that a move is stressful for our pets. There will be changes and upset routines and stress on our animals. It may be valuable to schedule a few minutes to communicate with your pets as the preparations for the move begins. This certainly doesn’t guarantee that the beloved pet will not have some worry or anxiety during and after the move, but it does help to reassure them that things *will* settle down and that they *are* making the move with the family too!
  • A multi-kitty family moved from one home to a smaller home. One of the felines adjusted easily and quickly and was looking forward to exploring his new surroundings; the other was mad that he had less real estate to patrol and that the access to outside had changed, which resulted in litter box issues. We were able to reassure him that he still had all his outside privileges and that there were still plenty of litter boxes available to choose from, even though they were in a little closer proximity to each other.
  • A dog was very concerned and acting out to get his guardian’s attention. He believed that they had left behind the spirit of his companion who had passed some time ago. We assured him that his companion now has the ability to be with him anywhere and everywhere, including the new home.
  • A cat was working through his grief of leaving his former home and the loss of a human companion at the same time. He was having a difficult time letting go of the former home and therefore was not ready to accept the new home as his. We reassured him that he can retain all the wonderful memories from his previous home and still have room to accumulate memories from his new home too.

Ultimately you know your pets best. If a little anxiety is normal for them then talking with them to help them prepare for the changes as a move takes place may eliminate a difficult move and adjustment period for them and for you!

I look forward to working with your beloved animals for a variety of relevant topics. Schedule your animal communication consultation now for a deeper understanding of behaviors, symptoms, and quality of life.

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