A Dog’s Perspective on Reincarnation

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July 18, 2012
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October 1, 2012

A Dog’s Perspective on Reincarnation

Rider and his human

I introduced Rider last year as a wonderful teacher of life after passing. Rider and his human continue their spirit-to-human connection, and I love being along for the ride! Another significant topic of exploration, and a question I’m asked regularly in my animal communication practice, has to do with reincarnation – is it possible? Rider has something to say about that topic!

Rider and his human

From the previous blog post you’ll remember that Rider expressed his desire to return to the physical world as soon as possible. He was exploring options and was very open to returning to his former human to continue their adventures. Rider’s human shares her insights and experiences through an interview conducted recently.

Q: When Rider expressed his openness – we could even say his desire – to return to a body quickly and that the body could be closely associated with you, what steps did you take, if any, to assist in this possible outcome?

CJC: My immediate thought when Rider said he wanted to come right back was of a question a friend had asked me the previous year.  She said she was planning a litter of puppies and wanted to know if I was interested in one?  At the time I was not, and I told her so.  When Rider gave me the hope that he might be returning soon, in a dog body, I called my friend and explained to her that, as crazy as it sounded, Rider wanted to come back and by the way, have you had that litter yet?  As it happened, she had both canine parents with her and she was waiting for the female to go into heat when I called.  My friend has communicated with her own animals since she was small, and she told me when she asked Nono (the prospective mom) if she was in heat yet, Nono said, “No.  I’m waiting.”  Through an amazing set of circumstances, Nono came into heat shortly after, and she and Snaz (the daddy) bred for the first time on the day that Rider left his body.

Aside from communicating with Rider to make him aware that this litter was planned and therefore an opportunity for us to reunite, and telling my friend that I was hoping Rider would come back as one of the puppies, the only thing I really did to assist in this outcome was to strongly intend that it happen the way Rider and I planned it, and to hold the idea of him coming back as one of these soon-to-be-born puppies uppermost in my mind, with love and faith that it would happen.  That sounds easy, but there were a lot of doubts along the way, and there was no real affirmation that this was going to happen or even if it was possible.  My job was to believe, and I did my best.

Rider, an incredible Frisbee champion!

Q: So the puppies were on the way; did you know with certainty that Rider would be one of the puppies? And when you met the puppies, did you recognize Rider right away?

CJC:  We talked to Rider when the puppies were in utero, and he was far from clear that he would be returning in this litter.  In fact, he told me that he was doing a lot of learning, and there were a lot of options to consider, so he couldn’t say for sure what he would be doing or where he would be.  Even after the puppies were born, I wasn’t sure he was there.  I asked Nono (the puppy mom) which one was him, and she sent me an image of one of the litter and told me “this one is for you.  I made her for you.”  We were all surprised that the puppy identified (we called her Banner) was a female. I think we just assumed that because Rider was male, he would come back as a male.  That was one of many surprising and mind-stretching things I have come to realize about reincarnation.

I met the puppies for the first time when they were about four weeks old.  When I picked Banner up and held her for the first time, I burst into tears.  I think part of me expected to find him there, that Banner would just be Rider all over again, and that her vibration would match his exactly.  When I held her for the first time and realized that she was not Rider, I finally released him. I let that hope go and the pain and the loss went with it.

You can follow Rider’s story in Part Two when we will learn if Rider did, in fact, return to his beloved human companion. Is he Banner, or another of the litter from Nono and Snaz? Rider has more to teach us!

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