Important Lessons from the Animals

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October 1, 2012
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April 16, 2013

Important Lessons from the Animals


Any animal lover will agree that there is much to be learned from animals. My animal communication clients often share stories of how their beloved pets teach them unconditional love, patience, tolerance, and humility. Those are big lessons, to be sure. There are other lessons as well; lessons which may not be as frequent or obvious. I will do my best to relate some of those stories from animals that I admire and greatly appreciate.

Trust. Daisy had extreme sensitivities which presented as fear reactions. Interesting, strange things like the click of the power button on the stereo (even when the volume was off) or oncoming headlights when driving after dark, had Daisy quivering and rolling up into the smallest ball she could become. Daisy has learned to trust her beloved human and many other humans as well. Daisy was able to let go of her difficult experiences in the past, realizing that every experience going forward is a new one and can be approached with a fresh perspective. Daisy was even able to trust her human enough to welcome a canine companion to her home. What a valuable lesson from Daisy – our fears are valid to us, but great things happen when we trust, let go of the past, and treat each day as a new experience!

Heartfelt connections. In his final days, Sid’s only remaining request was an opportunity for deep, heart-to-heart, uninterrupted quality time with the human he had spent his whole live with. Sid knew, and teaches us, that in the end the most precious commodity is a loving connection.

Every moment is worth living. Parker was a fun-loving and active guy who really wanted to squeeze the most out of every moment, and encouraged his human to do the same. When Parker was ready to let his body go, he was given a choice between quality, quiet time at home with his human or going to a mountain cabin with extended family. Parker’s choice, of course, was to hike in the mountains, lie in the cool mountain stream, and lick snowflakes off his nose. Parker expects all of us to squeeze every bit of life out of every moment.

Purpose. Katy had a wonderful life with her rescue family and was very much at home, but Katy would bark in the back yard for extended periods of time, looking and waiting for … something. When Angel moved in with the family and needed special attention, Katy was asked to please help take care of Angel, to teach her how to be a dog. Katy’s response? “I’m on it! I’m going to be a *great* sister to Angel! That’s a perfect job for me!” And it was. We all, animals and humans, need a purpose that we can live into. Katy continues to fulfill her purpose, and she truly is the best sister that Angel could ask for. And her barking episodes? Now they are nearly non-existant.

Take a risk. My own Jezebel insisted that it was time for a canine companion. She led us to Bossco, a retired sled dog who could devour little Jez in two quick bites. When I pointed this out to her she said “com’on mom, he’s the one for us. Take a risk!” I did, and without a second of regret. I live Jezebel’s lesson to me every day and my life is fuller for it!

In honor of the animals, let’s spend a moment to absorb the lessons, big and small, that our animal companions share with us. They are there for the taking – we just need to slow down and watch for them!

I look forward to working with your beloved animals for a variety of relevant topics. Schedule your animal communication consultation now for a deeper understanding of behaviors, symptoms, and quality of life.

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