Frequently Asked Animal Communication Questions

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November 12, 2012
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October 31, 2013

Frequently Asked Animal Communication Questions

Do you wonder what people ask their pets during an animal communication consultation? Every animal communication session is different, however here are a few questions that come up regularly.

“Is my pet happy?” or “Am I meeting all my pet’s needs?” It doesn’t seem to matter if this is the first time a human is communicating with their pet or if they regularly communicate, this is a very common question. We want to know if we are providing a quality experience for our animal companions, and if there is room for improvement. Sometimes there is room for adjustment; sometimes the pet indicates happiness or jumps to another topic. Still, it’s always a great question to ask even if the pet expresses complete contentment every time.

“Have we been together before (i.e. in another lifetime)” or “Will we be together again (i.e. will my pet come back to me)?” There’s no doubt about it, there are animal-human relationships that could be quantified as the human version of soul mates. Sometimes the bond is so intense and the relationship so effortlessly joyful we feel that there must be a past connection. Often there is. Even more frequently I get the question about a future connection with a beloved pet who has passed away. It is very possible to request, support, and even encourage our pets to consider coming back to us in a new body. Sometimes the animal needs time in the spirit world before they are ready to consider this possible next step, but it never hurts to make the invitation!

“Why do you do x,y,z?” This is usually a curiosity question with no need or intention to change the behavior, just the human’s opportunity to know their pet better and to more fully engage with them in their world. Very often a portion of the response has something to do with “because it’s there” or “because that’s what I do!” In our human minds we quickly realize (usually) when a behavior doesn’t achieve the desired outcome and it’s time to move on. I find that animals, however, live in the moment and usually in a state of hope and belief that things can change at any time and therefore a big payout may be right around the corner if they keep doing that special thing they do.

“How do you spend your time at home during the day without me/us?” I think most of the time this question from the human is asked because we want our precious companions to have the best experience possible while living in our family. Some animals use this time to patrol and “do their job” of maintaining the perimeter; some use the time to rest up so they are ready for fun and games when their humans return. Some express mild (or not so mild) anxiety or a level of alertness, and some request a companion – stuffed or alive – to play with through the day. Every animal has a little different take on their time without their humans and it can be a wonderful gate-way question to a better understanding of their personalities and their needs.

“Any messages?” There are as many responses to this question as there are animals. Some use this opportunity to make requests for food, comfort items, or exercise. Some take this as a sign that their human is ready for wisdom or guidance and that can range from “I worry about you not sleeping enough” to “it’s time to start that thing you’ve been thinking about.” It can be shocking and even a little disconcerting to recognize just how well our animals know and love us, and yet it is also very comforting to know that we’re not going it alone.

This is just a small sampling of the kinds of questions humans ask their animals. There are many other regularly asked questions and topics that are directly related to behaviors, the human-animal relationship, physical health, emotional balance, aging issues and how best to provide comfort as they prepare to pass on. When our intention is to better understand and provide the best possible care for our pets, any topic is fair!

I look forward to working with your beloved animals for a variety of relevant topics. Schedule your animal communication consultation now for a deeper understanding of behaviors, symptoms, and quality of life.

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