Final Stage of Life Conversations

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January 17, 2014
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May 20, 2014

Final Stage of Life Conversations

The topic of the final stage of our pet’s life is hard to think about. I suspect there is a part of us that believes we may bring about the end sooner if we admit that it is approaching; however, discussing with your pet it’s end of life can be the best, most fulfilling discussion you’ve ever had with them.

The opportunity to express your deep love and appreciation for your pet while you can still enjoy more time together is priceless. These discussions are helpful in understanding the animal’s desires for assistance to pass or not, for comfort requests in the final days, and for pouring out our heart to our animals who know us so well. Beyond that, there is a relief and release when you are “on the same page” with your beloved animal companion in their remaining days, weeks, or months together.

From the animal’s perspective there is a relief and release as well. Many animals are masters at caretaking us, their humans. What a relief for them to know that yes, we will absolutely miss them terribly when they pass, but we are preparing ourselves for that inevitable time. They most likely will continue to take care of us but now with a knowing that we will be sad, but okay. It is a lifted burden of concern for them.

The conversation is simple, and the details of the conversation will evolve as time passes. Initial conversations may be reminiscent of favorite activities combined with an expression of your love and gratitude for the wonderful memories. As you become aware that your beloved companion’s time may be short you can include your desire to take care of them now as they have taken care of you through the years. This is giving them permission to relax and release their caretaking responsibilities, assuring them that you need time to practice while they are still with you to guide. Finally, when you have reached your final time with your companion, be true to yourself and to them. They’ll know if you are not being sincere. Cry if you need to, and admit that you will miss them like crazy and be sad for a while. Then assure them that you will be okay eventually and you want them to be out of pain and free of their body that is no longer working for them. Give them permission to let go.

These are not easy conversations to have, however I can tell you from my experience that these conversations are extremely helpful for our animals as they are preparing to transition from the physical to the spirit world. I have heard from many humans that these conversations help make a devastating time a little more bearable when we, the humans, know that we have expressed our love and deep gratitude to our beloved pets while we still can.


I look forward to working with your beloved animals for a variety of relevant topics. Schedule your animal communication consultation now for a deeper understanding of behaviors, symptoms, and quality of life.

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