Moving With Your Pets

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January 8, 2015
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Moving With Your Pets

Let’s get right to the fact of it: moving from one home to another is stressful, exciting, and a lot of hard work. Moving is pretty challenging for us humans too!

Keep your pets in mind while you prepare

Stressful – Our pets pick up on our energy and while they may not know exactly the details of what is about to change, they know something is changing. Talking with your animals when you start to pack boxes is fine, however, a quick and simple conversation even earlier may be helpful. Whether you communicate through your animal communicator or you have a heart-to-heart directly with them, let them know in simple terms that you are looking for a new home for the whole family. Emphasize that of course they are going with you and you are taking the entire family’s needs (including theirs!) into consideration. This will help them remain calmer, and calmer pets keep the whole family more relaxed during this uncertain time.

Exciting – The prospect of new beginnings can be very exciting for our animals. I talked with a family of four animals recently, two of which were very much looking forward to the upcoming move. The dog saw the move as a new beginning with his relatively new family and an equalizer for the environment to be new to all the dogs, not just him. The cat was looking forward to new places to explore and hide. Communicating before the move can be especially helpful for cats, giving them advance warning to allow them time for closure in the home they know and love.

Hard work – many of our animals take on the job of helping us, their humans, in our day-to-day living. Whether their specific role relates to nurturing and caring for our emotional well-being, keeping us entertained and laughing for our good health, or reminding us in their not so subtle way that we’ve strayed from our routine and need to get back on the proper (according to them!) path, they are taking care of us. When we are planning then executing a move to a new home our energy, stress level, and routines are different which cause our pets to work even harder in taking care of us. This can really throw a deeply empathic pet out of balance. Explanation and support during this time, as well as your attention in keeping their routine as familiar as possible, can help the pets and the humans. A request to the pet to help their beloved humans to settle in the new home gives them a purpose and can help them settle more quickly too.

If you are contemplating moving your family to a new home, keep your pet in the loop from the beginning and let them participate in their own special way. The whole family will be happier for it!

  • don’t delay in updating your pet’s contact information for their microchip
  • update your contact information with your vet or take time to interview and select a new veterinarian in your new state/country right away. Provide the new vet with health and vaccination records. Don’t wait for an emergency to do this!
  • get a new tag for your pet’s collar with their new address and updated phone numbers ASAP! Outside pets will enjoy getting to know the neighborhood and may be just around the corner but uncertain which new home is theirs!

I look forward to working with your beloved animals for a variety of relevant topics. Schedule your animal communication consultation now for a deeper understanding of behaviors, symptoms, and quality of life.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you for this advice. I just moved from a condo to a house and my cat is loving the extra space. She has a backyard now is is constantly exploring. Time to get her chipped!

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