Natural support for Our Animals

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April 21, 2019
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Natural support for Our Animals

If you have had an Animal Communication consultation with me it’s possible we’ve talked about alternative therapy for your pets including acupuncture, laser, Reiki or other energy work. For some behaviors, and frequently if there is some level of emotional distress (anxiety, grief, fears, jealousy, etc.) we will discuss a strategy to include any of the above and likely flower essences or essential oils.

I like the simplicity of either of these tools, and that both are derived from nature. While we must do our due diligence to be sure the oils and essences are of safe ingredients and quality, generally these tools are easy to administer and if selected properly, can support our animals to a more balanced way of being very quickly.

Frequently my clients ask about dosage and application. This is individual on a case by case basis, and your care practitioner can help answer these questions. It is not necessary, or even recommended, for animals to ingest. Think of both these tools similar to our aromatherapy used in spas or when we soak in the bathtub with essential oils. The properties of both essential oils and flower essences are absorbed whether ingested or not. Cats, dogs, bunnies, horses all have different sensitivities so be mindful of your special pet companions’ needs and desires.

For years I’ve admired a creative solution to the question of “how much and how to apply” for essential oils via a Daisy Paw Collar Companion for dogs (and cats and humans). Check out the website for both the Collar Companion and for beautiful blends of essential oils to support various topics. If you have questions about the oil blends and how to administer safely to your pet, ask your care provider or a team member at Daisy Paw.

Using these tools to help calm your anxious pet, provide focus while training, or to help achieve emotional balance for topics such as jealousy of a new companion or moving on from a past difficult experience can be extremely beneficial. Used in conjunction with energy work, professional training, and animal communication services can enhance the benefit even further!

I look forward to working with your beloved animals for a variety of relevant topics. Schedule your animal communication consultation now for a deeper understanding of behaviors, symptoms, and quality of life.

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