Frequently Asked Animal Questions

November 18, 2009

Keeping Our Pets Safe During the Holidays

Help your pets have a happy and healthy holiday season. Be cautious with dangerous foods, stress, and toxic seasonal plants.
October 9, 2009

Dog Training – Finding the Right Trainer for You

Guest Blogger, Christi Campbell, shares her professional perspective on dog training. Part one “The Benefits of Dog Training” discusses reasons why training your dog are important. Today’s article discusses how to find the right trainer for you and your dog, and describes a few types of training that may suit your needs. Okay, I’m Convinced I Need One.  How Do I Find A Trainer?  Finding a good dog trainer is a little like finding a good veterinarian, or a dentist, or […]
October 3, 2009

The Benefits of Dog Training

Guest Blogger, Christi Campbell, shares her professional perspective and answers a question I receive frequently: “Should I find someone to help me train my dog?”   Why Train My Dog? Many people live, if not happily, at least in equilibrium with their dogs without any formal training.  Indeed, the words “dog training” can bring to mind images of police dogs marching around and harsh methods of compulsion and punishment.  While there are some people who still train that way, the […]
September 25, 2009

Teeth Cleaning for our Animals

Periodically I am asked during animal communication sessions about dental care for pets. Sometimes the animal with which I’m working has discomfort or sensitivity in their mouth. We can get the specific symptoms from the animal during the consultation, but I always recommend that the animal be scheduled for a dental checkup in these cases, which usually can be done with the animal’s regular veterinarian. Sometimes, however, I am simply asked about the “rule of thumb” for dental cleanings and checkups. My rule of […]