Health & Well Being for Pets

May 20, 2010

A Dog’s Perspective on Stem-Cell Therapy

I enjoy the wide variety of topics that come my way as an animal communicator. Last month I had my first experience with a dog who’s humans were considering a stem-cell treatment to strengthen his joints. I appreciate their strategy in digging for all relevant information about the procedure, benefits, risks, and possible outcomes. Along with this, they wanted to know how the dog felt about more work on his joints (he’s had three previous surgeries). There are three sides to […]
May 17, 2010

Animal Communication Provides Vacation Preparation

May begins the vacation season. Through the summer many of us will be taking a week or two away from our own homes to visit family, attend weddings and graduations, or to get away to a special spot with our loved ones. Often that means leaving our animal companion loved ones at home. Whether you share your life with dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, fish or others, animal communication can provide the opportunity to explain how they will be cared for during your time […]
April 22, 2010

Thunder Fear in Dogs

Thunder and lightning season is upon us. Our dogs are probably acutely aware of that fact already! A portion of my animal communication work in the spring and summer months relates to dogs with thunder fear or anxiety. My own dog, now passed, had thunder anxiety so I know first hand that it is not fun for the dog or human when storms start to roll in. Not all dogs have a reaction to thunder and lightning, and some dogs develop anxiety […]
April 9, 2010

Worthwhile Animal Articles

I’ve mentioned articles I enjoyed reading in the Animal Wellness Magazine previously and this issue, April/May 2010, follows suit with good information for both cats and dogs. “Toxic Talk” by Sara Jackson discusses plants and foods which can be toxic to house pets, and then goes one step further with lists of household cleaning products and medications which are dangerous to animals. These latter two categories of toxic danger are not always in the forefront of our minds, so I appreciate […]
March 23, 2010

A Well-Balanced Diet for Animals Includes Minerals

During my animal communication consultations it is not uncommon for the topic to turn to food and nutrition. Sometimes the human client asks if the animal likes his/her food; other times the animal approaches a variety of topics that indicates a desire or need for additional nutrients which are not available to the animal through their regular diet. Just as with humans, an important ingredient – many ingredients, actually – to an animal’s overall health is minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and potassium. […]
January 19, 2010

Are Veterinarians Open To Animal Communication?

Occasionally I work with clients who express concern or nervousness about telling their veterinarian that the information they are providing regarding their pet’s symptoms is coming directly from their animal via an animal communicator. That’s fair. While the benefits of working with an animal communicator are becoming more and more accepted and acknowledged, I know there are skeptics out there. Many veterinarians are very open to the idea, and some are extremely enthusiastic when it comes to using information gained directly from […]
November 30, 2009

Animal Articles Worth Reading

There are several articles in the current issue of Animal Wellness magazine which I found particularly helpful. Aging gracefully; eating inappropriate objects; interviewing a new holistic vet; anti-social behavior in dogs; and an update on the "Happy Bill".
November 18, 2009

Keeping Our Pets Safe During the Holidays

Help your pets have a happy and healthy holiday season. Be cautious with dangerous foods, stress, and toxic seasonal plants.
November 13, 2009

The Benefit of Chiropractic for our Pets

In my animal communication practice, I have worked with animals who receive regular chiropractic treatments for a variety of reasons. Often the animal can clearly express just how valuable the treatments are for them. Following is an interview with Dr. Andi Harper, discussing the benefits of chiropractic care for animals.
October 29, 2009

Danger for Cats: Essential Oils

Essential oils are used in our homes in many forms, and provide many valuable uses. Guardians of small house pets should be aware which essential oil may be dangerous, perhaps even toxic, to cats and other small pets.