Pet Nutrition

May 2, 2011

Assisting our Pets with Disabilities

When our beloved pets are still full of life even in the midst of a diagnosis or physical disablity, there are many resources and alternatives to keep them healthy and active for a while longer. It is amazing to me the resources available for our pets. Diabetes, degenerative myelopathy or similar, and cancer are all scary words to hear and difficult diagnoses to wrap our heads around. These diagnoses don’t necessarily mean the end is near. Certainly, we don’t want our beloved pets […]
April 9, 2010

Worthwhile Animal Articles

I’ve mentioned articles I enjoyed reading in the Animal Wellness Magazine previously and this issue, April/May 2010, follows suit with good information for both cats and dogs. “Toxic Talk” by Sara Jackson discusses plants and foods which can be toxic to house pets, and then goes one step further with lists of household cleaning products and medications which are dangerous to animals. These latter two categories of toxic danger are not always in the forefront of our minds, so I appreciate […]
October 2, 2009

Nutro Puppy Food – voluntary recall

This voluntary recall by Nutro for certain brands of dry puppy food seems to be contained, but if you are currently using a variety of Nutro puppy food, please read on: Portions of article from NUTRO Updates Information on Puppy Food Recall Workers hard hat was sucked into machinery, company rep says By Lisa Wade McCormick, • October 1, 2009 More about Pet Food Recalls Nutro Products has provided updated information on its decision to pull some of its […]
June 14, 2009

Nature’s Variety freeze-dried products voluntarily withdrawn

I have learned of a “voluntary product withdrawal” of specific flavors of Nature’s Variety freeze-dried raw formula. To date, no animals have been reported ill from ingesting these withdrawn products, however those feeding Nature’s Variety should remain aware of the withdrawal and alert others as necessary. Freeze Dried Raw Product Nature’s Variety News – June 12, 2009 Nature’s Variety recently identified two lots of Freeze Dried product that didn’t meet our quality standards. These products do not represent a health […]
June 2, 2009

Cat Food Recall and China’s New Food Safety Law

It’s not been easy to stay current on the Nutro dry cat food recall because there is not a lot of information out there, and some of the information is conflicting. I’ve come across a couple of resources which I found helpful. Marion Nestle posted on her Food Politics blog some history on this and other pet food recalls. Marion references Christie Keith, a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, who brings to light some additional information on FDA standards. It […]