Stories about our Animals

August 18, 2010

Bringing A Missing Pet Home: Rufus’s Story

A client contacted me a few weeks ago with the news that her parents’ pet parakeet, Rufus, had gone missing. While he spends a good amount of time out of his cage with his people during the day, he is not an outside bird. On this day, however, Rufus was outside by accident and, as all of us with pets know, sometimes accidents happen. Rufus was startled and flew out of grasp. A missing pet of any species is heartbreaking. We […]
February 4, 2010

The Wisdom of a Cat named Milagro

There is a blog out there which, as an animal communicator, intrigued me when I learned of it. Now, having followed “Millie Cat” for several posts, I am hooked. Her wisdom is profound and many of her topics have reached deep within me both as a human and as an animal communicator. I’ll leave it at that and encourage you to check out Milago’s blog: I recommend starting with her first post (January 25th) and reading Millie’s story and how she came to impart her wisdom through her […]
January 19, 2010

Are Veterinarians Open To Animal Communication?

Occasionally I work with clients who express concern or nervousness about telling their veterinarian that the information they are providing regarding their pet’s symptoms is coming directly from their animal via an animal communicator. That’s fair. While the benefits of working with an animal communicator are becoming more and more accepted and acknowledged, I know there are skeptics out there. Many veterinarians are very open to the idea, and some are extremely enthusiastic when it comes to using information gained directly from […]
December 10, 2009

Animal Communication: Katy’s Story

I met Katy in August 2009. Her family’s beloved Dachshund, Cinnamon, had passed in March and the family needed closure. Cinnamon was available for communication from the spirit world, and was very compassionate and loving in her words to her mom and her doggie companions. After communicating with Cinnamon, I worked with each of the remaining doxies in the home, helping them understand their grief and addressing the one or two other topics that came up. Each of the three […]
July 11, 2009

Summer Dangers – Snakes (Part Two)

At the conclusion of  “Summer Dangers – Snakes (Part One)” Cooper the black lab had been in the Veterinary Hospital for a few days after being bitten by a rattlesnake. He had received anti-venom serum, and Wendy, his temporary caregiver, along with the veterinary staff, was starting to see signs of improvement.   A Reminder of the Cast of Characters: Cooper – four-year-old black Labrador Retriever Morgan – Cooper’s Golden Retriever friend Wendy – Morgan’s mom, and Cooper’s caretaker when his family is […]
July 7, 2009

Summer Dangers – Snakes (Part One)

Ah, glorious summertime. Living in the mountains of Colorado, I look forward to a few months of warm, sunny weather as many of you do. Summertime brings some dangers, however, of which we all need to be aware. A previous post discussed poison mushrooms and some dangerous foliage. In most regions, summer dangers also includes poisonous snakes. The snake varieties vary from region to region – here in the Rocky Mountains we keep our eyes open for rattle snakes. Where my family lives […]
June 15, 2009

Gratitude for Service Animals

I worked with two service dogs a few days ago. One, Porter, is a Police dog trained to find drugs. The other, Boomer, is a seeing eye dog. Each in their own way expressed their absolute joy with their work. I am drawn to share their stories because so often I hear people express sadness and pity for the service animals they see. Don’t get me wrong – most of the time these people are very respectful of the benefits the service […]
June 9, 2009

Pug on Wheels

Those of us with elder animals or pets with special needs know how difficult it can be to watch our beloved companions slow down. Emotionally, we want to help however we can and often feel helpless. Our animals tend to “deal with” their physical limitations better than we do (see my “Comments from Kelly” in a past Articulate Animals Newsletter about my own little guy’s advice to me as his mobility declines) and they want nothing more than to minimize […]