April 25, 2014

Final Stage of Life Conversations

The topic of the final stage of our pet’s life is hard to think about. I suspect there is a part of us that believes we may bring about the end sooner if we admit that it is approaching; however, discussing with your pet it’s end of life can be the best, most fulfilling discussion you’ve ever had with them. The opportunity to express your deep love and appreciation for your pet while you can still enjoy more time together is priceless. These discussions are helpful […]
January 17, 2014

Supporting our Aging Pets

Where does the time go?  We know that our pets will age, but that doesn’t make it easier when we start to see the physical symptoms. Sometimes the indicators show up slowly over time; for some animals it seems like they age almost overnight. We know how to help with physical comfort but what about the emotions? Do we know how best to support our beloved pets as they come to terms with less energy, less mobility, and/or a decline in […]
December 2, 2013

Emergency Preparedness with Microchips

Have you staged an emergency drill to test your pet’s microchip? We never hope to need to rely on the microchip to be reunited with our beloved pet, but in the unfortunate event that you would need to rely on the chip, it will be well worth the time it takes to practice walking through the steps. Microchips can be a lifesaver for our pet, but if the information that was recorded by the chip company is not accurate, or your […]
October 31, 2013

Discussing Animal Communication with Our Veterinarian

I am grateful that I have a very open and respectful relationship with my pet’s health care providers. It occurs to me, however, that some of us may hold back a bit with our veterinarians when discussing the information that has come forth utilizing animal communication with our pets. I know there are many animal health care practitioners – veterinarians, techs, DVM specialists, alternative practitioners – who recognize and utilize the value of animal communication. Many refer their clients and many use […]
April 16, 2013

Frequently Asked Animal Communication Questions

Do you wonder what people ask their pets during an animal communication consultation? Every animal communication session is different, however here are a few questions that come up regularly. “Is my pet happy?” or “Am I meeting all my pet’s needs?” It doesn’t seem to matter if this is the first time a human is communicating with their pet or if they regularly communicate, this is a very common question. We want to know if we are providing a quality experience […]
November 12, 2012

Important Lessons from the Animals

Any animal lover will agree that there is much to be learned from animals. My animal communication clients often share stories of how their beloved pets teach them unconditional love, patience, tolerance, and humility. Those are big lessons, to be sure. There are other lessons as well; lessons which may not be as frequent or obvious. I will do my best to relate some of those stories from animals that I admire and greatly appreciate. Trust. Daisy had extreme sensitivities which presented […]
October 1, 2012

A Dog’s Perspective on Reincarnation, Part Two

We continue our interview with Rider’s guardian, Christi, as she and Rider continue to communicate their desire to be reunited after Rider’s passing. If you missed the first part, check that out here. Q: Has Rider reincarnated? Is he with you? CJC:  That is a complicated question.  I used to be certain in my understanding of exactly what reincarnation is.  To me, reincarnation meant that “you” (the you that is you right now) came back as the same “you,” just […]
September 4, 2012

A Dog’s Perspective on Reincarnation

I introduced Rider last year as a wonderful teacher of life after passing. Rider and his human continue their spirit-to-human connection, and I love being along for the ride! Another significant topic of exploration, and a question I’m asked regularly in my animal communication practice, has to do with reincarnation – is it possible? Rider has something to say about that topic! From the previous blog post you’ll remember that Rider expressed his desire to return to the physical world as soon as […]
July 18, 2012

In Case of Emergency: Prepare for Evacuation

No matter where we live it seems like some sort of natural emergency is possible, and often there is only a very short window of warning for those directly in the path. During the seasons of the natural emergency your region is generally exposed to, it is a good idea to have an emergency evacuation plan in place. In fact, there may be *two* plans outlined for your family: one if you are notified of an emergency while you are […]
April 28, 2012

Preparing for a Family Move With Our Pets

Are you planning to move to a new home in the next few months? There is so much planning and activity associated with moving homes and sometimes our animals have a hard time with the changes that are taking place. Animal communication can help ease any worry or anxiety that your pet’s may have. There are many animals who adjust to their new home relatively quickly, and some have a harder time. For every animal who moves with their family, […]