Animal Communication Basics for Daily Living

With a new puppy in the family I find myself returning to basics – basic puppy training and basic theory for communicating effectively. Perhaps a review of the basics is in order for all of us!

We are communicating to our animals all the time. Whether we are intentional or unintentional, our pets are […]

It Can Be Magic! Finding THE Companion

By guest blogger Jackie, a client with a wonderful story to share.

There are pets and there are pets. We love them all, but occasionally we may be blessed with a […]

Communicate with Rescue Animals

A large part of my animal communication practice is dedicated to animals who have been rescued by loving families. Many rescue animals come into their new families emotionally healthy; however some rescued animals have a past experience which requires time for healing.

Every animal has different emotional needs which can be worked with. Some rescue […]

Pet Emergency Info Sheet

Someone sent me this Pet Emergency Information Sheet and while I don’t know who created it or for exactly what purpose (I would give proper credit if I could) I feel it is valuable and needs to be shared.

I have just completed the form myself and I plan to keep it in my emergency […]

Time with Special Colorado Wildlife

One of the locals at CWWC

Living in the mountains of Colorado, I see a variety of wildlife regularly. I am always grateful for these sightings which are generally a bit of distance away, or at the least, on the other side of my living room windows.

This past weekend I was blessed to […]

Pet Palooza! in Denver, September 24, 2010

If you and your canine companion are looking for an activity to do together in Denver, check out Pet Palooza! on Friday, September 24, 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. at EarthDog Denver Dog Center on Kalamath Street.

Sponsored by TeamMates Commercial Interiors, proceeds will benefit MaxFund no-kill shelter in Denver. There are many dog-friendly activities available, […]

Animal Communication: Katy's Story

I met Katy in August 2009. Her family‚Äôs beloved Dachshund, Cinnamon, had passed in March and the family needed closure. Cinnamon was available for communication from the spirit world, and was very compassionate and loving in her words to her mom and her doggie companions. After communicating with Cinnamon, I worked with each of the […]

Calling all Missing Pets

Recently I learned of a service which assists with putting the word out about missing pets. When I looked in to FindToto.com I had that moment of “Brilliant! Why didn’t someone think of this long ago?” Perhaps there are other similar services of which I am not yet aware.

Using “reverse 911” technology, FindToto.com reaches […]