Honesty is the Best Policy

Our pets treat us as they hope to be treated – unconditional love, sloppy affection, never ending support, and it’s not in their nature to lie. We turn all of that right back on them, and yet it is human nature to want to protect our pets physically AND emotionally. That may mean withholding the […]

Animal Communication Basics for Daily Living

With a new puppy in the family I find myself returning to basics – basic puppy training and basic theory for communicating effectively. Perhaps a review of the basics is in order for all of us!

We are communicating to our animals all the time. Whether we are intentional or unintentional, our pets are […]

Introducing Young Animals

There are special challenges when introducing a puppy, kitten, or any young animal into an existing animal family. Every circumstance is unique and requires individualized solutions, and there are two recent client consultations which we can use as general examples.

A cat family is ready for a new kitty companion. The existing cats have […]

New Class: Basic Animal Communication for Daily Living – Dec. 8, 2009

You can communicate to your pets *without* being a professional animal communicator! Basic Animal Communication for Daily Living Tuesday, December 8, 2009 After attending this one-hour tele-class you will be able to successfully communicate simple information to your pet. […]

Dog Training - Finding the Right Trainer for You

Guest Blogger, Christi Campbell, shares her professional perspective on dog training. Part one “The Benefits of Dog Training” discusses reasons why training your dog are important. Today’s article discusses how to find the right trainer for you and your dog, and describes a few types of training that may suit your needs.

Christi Campbell […]

The Benefits of Dog Training

Guest Blogger, Christi Campbell, shares her professional perspective and answers a question I receive frequently: “Should I find someone to help me train my dog?”


Why Train My Dog?

Many people live, if not happily, at least in equilibrium with their dogs without any formal training. Indeed, the words “dog training” can bring to […]