Introducing Young Animals

There are special challenges when introducing a puppy, kitten, or any young animal into an existing animal family. Every circumstance is unique and requires individualized solutions, and there are two recent client consultations which we can use as general examples.

A cat family is ready for a new kitty companion. The existing cats have […]

Animal Communication and Body Language

An animal communication client of mine has been studying up on animal body language as they get to know their new puppy. They wonder about a dog’s body language and how it relates to their feelings from an animal communication point of view. I’m so glad they asked! I’ve never thought about this before, and […]

New Class: Basic Animal Communication for Daily Living – Dec. 8, 2009

You can communicate to your pets *without* being a professional animal communicator! Basic Animal Communication for Daily Living Tuesday, December 8, 2009 After attending this one-hour tele-class you will be able to successfully communicate simple information to your pet. […]

Dog Training - Finding the Right Trainer for You

Guest Blogger, Christi Campbell, shares her professional perspective on dog training. Part one “The Benefits of Dog Training” discusses reasons why training your dog are important. Today’s article discusses how to find the right trainer for you and your dog, and describes a few types of training that may suit your needs.

Christi Campbell […]

The Benefits of Dog Training

Guest Blogger, Christi Campbell, shares her professional perspective and answers a question I receive frequently: “Should I find someone to help me train my dog?”


Why Train My Dog?

Many people live, if not happily, at least in equilibrium with their dogs without any formal training. Indeed, the words “dog training” can bring to […]

Flower Essences for Emotional Healing - Part Two

Part One of “Flower Essences for Emotional Healing” discussed the properties and benefits of flower essence remedies, which can offer valuable support for our beloved animals in times of emotional stress. Whether one chooses individual essences, pre-mixed or a custom-blend, the results are often obvious and quick.


This post will discuss common indicators […]

Flower Essences for Emotional Healing - Part One

As an animal communicator I work with animals for a broad variety of reasons. Some are straight-forward, others are quite complex. Some animals with which I work exhibit obvious emotional distress; others express some subtle, underlying emotional sensitivities. It is not uncommon for emotional sensitivities or distress to have a direct correlation to behavioral issues, […]

Our Well-Being Affects our Pets

For years now I’ve challenged myself to consider carefully how I think and act. I believe strongly that my internal state of mind and my external way of being directly affect how my life plays out in big ways and in small. My health and overall well-being, as […]