Flower Essences tele-class ~ Adminstering to Pets

If you are an animal guardian and have wondered

what flower essences are the benefits of usage topics for usage individual essences blended essences how to safely use flower essences for our companion animals

then this 45-minute informational tele-class may be for you. We will discuss the benefits and how to safely use flower essences […]

Helpful Pet Product: Administering Oils and Essences

I am a big fan of using flower essences and/or aromatherapy when they are appropriate for pets. Once we understand what essence or oil might be helpful, then we tackle the second challenge of how best to administer. There is a new product which I learned of last month that can help with that challenge.


Thunder Fear in Dogs

Thunder and lightning season is upon us. Our dogs are probably acutely aware of that fact already! A portion of my animal communication work in the spring and summer months relates to dogs with thunder fear or anxiety. My own dog, now passed, had thunder anxiety so I know first hand that it is not […]

Animal Communication: Katy's Story

I met Katy in August 2009. Her family‚Äôs beloved Dachshund, Cinnamon, had passed in March and the family needed closure. Cinnamon was available for communication from the spirit world, and was very compassionate and loving in her words to her mom and her doggie companions. After communicating with Cinnamon, I worked with each of the […]

Flower Essences for Emotional Healing - Part Two

Part One of “Flower Essences for Emotional Healing” discussed the properties and benefits of flower essence remedies, which can offer valuable support for our beloved animals in times of emotional stress. Whether one chooses individual essences, pre-mixed or a custom-blend, the results are often obvious and quick.


This post will discuss common indicators […]

Flower Essences for Emotional Healing - Part One

As an animal communicator I work with animals for a broad variety of reasons. Some are straight-forward, others are quite complex. Some animals with which I work exhibit obvious emotional distress; others express some subtle, underlying emotional sensitivities. It is not uncommon for emotional sensitivities or distress to have a direct correlation to behavioral issues, […]