Final Stage of Life Conversations

The topic of the final stage of our pet’s life is hard to think about. I suspect there is a part of us that believes we may bring about the end sooner if we admit that it is approaching; however, discussing with your pet it’s end of life can be the best, most fulfilling […]

A Dog's Perspective on Reincarnation, Part Two

We continue our interview with Rider’s guardian, Christi, as she and Rider continue to communicate their desire to be reunited after Rider’s passing. If you missed the first part, check that out here.

Q: Has Rider reincarnated? Is he with you?

CJC: That is a complicated question. I used to be certain in my understanding […]

Understanding Undesirable Behaviors

All of us with animals in our lives occasionally witness behaviors which we hope never to see exhibited again. A deliberate indoor urination accident, digging up the freshly planted flower garden, and cribbing are often a means of acting out from frustration, anger, disappointment, boredom, or are a means of testing just exactly how […]

Tele-Class: Connecting with Our Animals in Spirit

It is a heartbreaking experience when our beloved animal companion passes away. For some, animal communication assists with closure and wishing our best friend peace in their afterlife. For me, there was no blessing greater than being able to connect with my cherished companions after they passed from their physical life to their new spirit […]

Communicating with Animals in Spirit

Many people ask me if animal communication works with animals who have passed on. The short answer is “yes” but of course, there is a longer, more detailed answer as well. As an animal communicator, my experience is that most animals remain available, willing, ready, and even anxious to communicate with their humans. Occasionally this […]

Animal Communication and Body Language

An animal communication client of mine has been studying up on animal body language as they get to know their new puppy. They wonder about a dog’s body language and how it relates to their feelings from an animal communication point of view. I’m so glad they asked! I’ve never thought about this before, and […]

Animals Remain With Us In Spirit

Frequently I work with people in my animal communication practice whose animals have transitioned to the spirit world. It is an emotional topic and I am honored to help them connect to their beloved pets after they have passed. My hope is for the human client to gain peace, closure, and possibly even some insights […]

Terminal Care and Assistance for Our Pets

I attended a workshop last fall which addressed the topic of the animals’ perspective on dying and when/if assistance is appropriate. The guest presenter of the workshop, Paloma Bärtschi-Herrera, has published an e-book on this subject. I found the e-book to be insightful and helpful in answering some questions about the dying process based on […]