Animal Communication Basics for Daily Living

With a new puppy in the family I find myself returning to basics – basic puppy training and basic theory for communicating effectively. Perhaps a review of the basics is in order for all of us!

We are communicating to our animals all the time. Whether we are intentional or unintentional, our pets are […]

How to Get the Most from Your Animal Communications

Whether you communicate with your pets yourself or communicate through a professional animal communicator, there are few things we can keep in mind for a smooth communication and the best results. These tips will be helpful for any communications – behavioral, well-being, physical symptoms, aging or end-stage communications.

Preparation – know what you want to […]

Pets Say the Funniest Things

Do you remember that television show “Kids Say the Darndest Things” hosted by Art Linkletter back in the 1960s? It’s true, they do. Kids are uncensored and honest and sincere. I love that about them. That’s probably why I love communicating with animals so much – they are also uncensored, honest, and sincere. And boy […]

Article: Kelly Krueger Provides a Voice for Your Pet’s Needs and Emotions

Mountain Connection Magazine, July 2011 issue

Kelly Krueger Provides a Voice for Your Pet’s Needs and Emotions

By Sarah Schraad

Are you or your family heading on vacation this summer? And if so, have you told your pets what is in store for them while you are away? Kelly Krueger, owner of Articulate Animals, can […]

Practice Communicating with Your Animals

I am excited to offer (new for 2011) the “Deepening Connections Practice Series,” a regularly scheduled tele-class for those who would like practice and a little more instruction on communicating with animals.

Join me, Kelly Krueger, for quarterly animal communication practice sessions to deepen your ability to connect directly with your pets. Each 45-minute tele-session […]

Interview with Kelly about Animal Communication

I was honored to be asked for an interview recently to answer some questions about animal communication. As an animal communicator, I appreciate opportunities to offer information and examples of how animal communication can benefit our pets and strengthen our relationship with our beloved companions. That was my primary motivator for participating in the interview, […]

Free Tele-Seminar Describes Animal Communication

Have you heard about animal communication, but can’t quite get a handle on what it is and how it might be helpful for you and your pet?

Have you actually worked with an animal communicator, enjoyed the experience, but wonder just exactly how the communicator receives information from animals?

More and more people are finding […]

Talking To Your Animals is Great Validation!

Animal communication is, in its simplest form, validation for both you and for your pets. External validation helps us know we are on track and making a difference in our world and for those around us. It serves the same purpose for our pets.

The dictionary definition lists:

Validation – to make somebody feel valued […]