Vacation Preparation for our Pets

During this season of family vacations, following is a reminder partially taken from a post last summer on how to prepare our pets for our time away:

Generally speaking, a vacation is an exciting time for humans. This is not always the case for the animals of the family, however. For some pets, their human […]

Animal Communication Provides Vacation Preparation

May begins the vacation season. Through the summer many of us will be taking a week or two away from our own homes to visit family, attend weddings and graduations, or to get away to a special spot with our loved ones. Often that means leaving our animal companion loved ones at home. Whether you […]

Keeping Our Pets Safe During the Holidays

Help your pets have a happy and healthy holiday season. Be cautious with dangerous foods, stress, and toxic seasonal plants. […]

Preparing Pets for Our Vacation

For many of us, summer signals our annual family vacation – a time to get away, relax, see new sights, and have fun. Vacations, however, aren’t always eagerly anticipated by our animal companions. For some pets, their human being away for any length of time is a sad, lonely, perhaps anxiety-ridden experience.

Each animal reacts […]

While humans are away, cats can play!

Most of us are familiar with “kenneling” or “boarding” our dogs when we go on vacation. Having access to a safe environment for our pets when they can’t be with us for a few days is one less worry. I was excited to see recently that a similar opportunity now exists for cats in my […]