A Few Things About Nutrition...

Questions about food and nutrition come up regularly in my animal communication consultations. Veterinarian Dr. Diana Roberts of Harmony Animal Wellness answered some of the most common questions for a newsletter article in 2009. The information she provided never goes out of date and sometimes it is helpful to have a gentle reminder from […]

A Well-Balanced Diet for Animals Includes Minerals

During my animal communication consultations it is not uncommon for the topic to turn to food and nutrition. Sometimes the human client asks if the animal likes his/her food; other times the animal approaches a variety of topics that indicates a desire or need for additional nutrients which are not available to the animal through […]

Nutro Puppy Food – voluntary recall

This voluntary recall by Nutro for certain brands of dry puppy food seems to be contained, but if you are currently using a variety of Nutro puppy food, please read on:

Portions of article from ConsumerAffairs.com

NUTRO Updates Information on Puppy Food Recall Workers hard hat was sucked into machinery, company rep says

By Lisa […]

Nature’s Variety freeze-dried products voluntarily withdrawn

I have learned of a “voluntary product withdrawal” of specific flavors of Nature’s Variety freeze-dried raw formula. To date, no animals have been reported ill from ingesting these withdrawn products, however those feeding Nature’s Variety should remain aware of the withdrawal and alert others as necessary.

Freeze Dried Raw Product Nature’s Variety News – June […]

Cat Food Recall and China's New Food Safety Law

It’s not been easy to stay current on the Nutro dry cat food recall because there is not a lot of information out there, and some of the information is conflicting. I’ve come across a couple of resources which I found helpful. Marion Nestle posted on her Food Politics blog some history on this and […]