Honesty is the Best Policy

Our pets treat us as they hope to be treated – unconditional love, sloppy affection, never ending support, and it’s not in their nature to lie. We turn all of that right back on them, and yet it is human nature to want to protect our pets physically AND emotionally. That may mean withholding the […]

Supporting Our Aging Pets

Where does the time go? We know that our pets will age, but that doesn’t make it easier when we start to see the physical symptoms. Sometimes the indicators show up slowly over time; for some animals it seems like they age almost overnight. We know how to help with physical comfort but what about […]

Assisting our Pets with Disabilities

When our beloved pets are still full of life even in the midst of a diagnosis or physical disablity, there are many resources and alternatives to keep them healthy and active for a while longer. It is amazing to me the resources available for our pets. Diabetes, degenerative myelopathy or similar, and cancer are […]

Practice Communicating with Your Animals

I am excited to offer (new for 2011) the “Deepening Connections Practice Series,” a regularly scheduled tele-class for those who would like practice and a little more instruction on communicating with animals.

Join me, Kelly Krueger, for quarterly animal communication practice sessions to deepen your ability to connect directly with your pets. Each 45-minute tele-session […]

Animal Articles Worth Reading

There are several articles in the current issue of Animal Wellness magazine which I found particularly helpful. Aging gracefully; eating inappropriate objects; interviewing a new holistic vet; anti-social behavior in dogs; and an update on the “Happy Bill”. […]

The Benefit of Chiropractic for our Pets

In my animal communication practice, I have worked with animals who receive regular chiropractic treatments for a variety of reasons. Often the animal can clearly express just how valuable the treatments are for them. Following is an interview with Dr. Andi Harper, discussing the benefits of chiropractic care for animals. […]

The Belly Band for Boys

Valentino modeling one of his belly bands

It’s a topic we don’t often discuss – at least not in public! But for a variety of reasons, animals can become incontinent. Sometimes incontinence sets in as animals age, or there may be a physical/medical reason for the leakage. No matter the reason, and […]

Pug on Wheels

Valentino’s wheels – June 2009

Those of us with elder animals or pets with special needs know how difficult it can be to watch our beloved companions slow down. Emotionally, we want to help however we can and often feel helpless. Our animals tend to “deal with” their physical limitations better than we do […]