Household Dangers for Pets

I have a few posts discussing dangers for our pets: snakes, poisonous mushrooms, and hazards around the holidays with ribbons, ornaments, Halloween candy, and toxic seasonal plants. These kinds of dangers are fairly well known but I, for one, get in a routine and can let my guard down.

I won’t attempt to mention all […]

Danger for Cats: Essential Oils

Essential oils are used in our homes in many forms, and provide many valuable uses. Guardians of small house pets should be aware which essential oil may be dangerous, perhaps even toxic, to cats and other small pets. […]

Danger for Cats: Pine and Other Essential Oils

If you are currently using a pine-scented kitty litter, I encourage you to check the label carefully; there is a good chance the product is unsafe for your cat. Also review your household products as well. Furniture polish, common floor and counter cleaners, paint removers and solvents with pine scent may contain undiluted/undistilled oils which may be toxic for cats and other small house pets. […]