More Household Dangers for Pets

There are hazards for our pets throughout our daily lives, some of which I mentioned in a previous post, Household Dangers for Pets. Some of these hazards are obvious and talked about frequently; others may come as a surprise. Whether this is a reminder or new information, I hope it will help to keep your […]

Household Dangers for Pets

I have a few posts discussing dangers for our pets: snakes, poisonous mushrooms, and hazards around the holidays with ribbons, ornaments, Halloween candy, and toxic seasonal plants. These kinds of dangers are fairly well known but I, for one, get in a routine and can let my guard down.

I won’t attempt to mention all […]

Worthwhile Animal Articles

I’ve mentioned articles I enjoyed reading in the Animal Wellness Magazine previously and this issue, April/May 2010, follows suit with good information for both cats and dogs.

April/May 2010 issue

“Toxic Talk” by Sara Jackson discusses plants and foods which can be toxic to house pets, and then goes one step further with lists […]

Homeopathic Remedies for Animals

I have been a proponent and beneficiary of Homeopathic Remedies for many years now. While the healing derived from homeopathics can be subtle and is generally noticed over a period of time, I have personally experienced positive outcomes for both physical and emotional maladies.

Can homeopathic remedies be used safely and effectively with animals? Absolutely! […]

Summer Foliage Dangers

We’ve been having a wonderfully wet spring and early summer here in Colorado. Mountain wild flowers are thriving and the temperatures are ideal for nature hikes. Unfortunately, with all the beauty and lushness comes some dangers for our pets.


As I’ve been out doing my routine “spring cleanup” around my property I’ve seen […]