Flower Essences tele-class ~ Adminstering to Pets

If you are an animal guardian and have wondered

what flower essences are the benefits of usage topics for usage individual essences blended essences how to safely use flower essences for our companion animals

then this 45-minute informational tele-class may be for you. We will discuss the benefits and how to safely use flower essences […]

Does Your Cat Have A Story To Tell?

Has your cat been spending a lot of time in your home-office recently? Have you checked the Internet to see what s/he is up to? It could be that your kitty has been posting to this new social media site for cats only. Yep, you better take a look just to make sure you and […]

Toys to Keep Pets Challenged

When I work with animal communication clients regarding certain behavioral issues with their dog or cat, it is not uncommon for a part of the cause to be related to

anxiety or boredom, prey drive/hunting instinct, or territorialism.

Of course, every animal’s rationale for their behavior is different and it is important to understand what […]

FAQ: Helping Pets Deal with Summer Heat

An animal communication client asked: Any tips on how to help extra furry dogs stay cool in this heat?? That’s a great question! Living with pugs most of my adult life, I do have some tricks up my sleeve. While a pug is not “extra furry” like a Husky or Australian Shepard, they do have […]

Helpful Pet Product: Administering Oils and Essences

I am a big fan of using flower essences and/or aromatherapy when they are appropriate for pets. Once we understand what essence or oil might be helpful, then we tackle the second challenge of how best to administer. There is a new product which I learned of last month that can help with that challenge.


A Dog's Perspective on Stem-Cell Therapy

I enjoy the wide variety of topics that come my way as an animal communicator. Last month I had my first experience with a dog who’s humans were considering a stem-cell treatment to strengthen his joints. I appreciate their strategy in digging for all relevant information about the procedure, benefits, risks, and possible outcomes. Along […]

Nutro Puppy Food – voluntary recall

This voluntary recall by Nutro for certain brands of dry puppy food seems to be contained, but if you are currently using a variety of Nutro puppy food, please read on:

Portions of article from ConsumerAffairs.com

NUTRO Updates Information on Puppy Food Recall Workers hard hat was sucked into machinery, company rep says

By Lisa […]

Teeth Cleaning for our Animals

Periodically I am asked during animal communication sessions about dental care for pets. Sometimes the animal with which I’m working has discomfort or sensitivity in their mouth. We can get the specific symptoms from the animal during the consultation, but I always recommend that the animal be scheduled for a dental checkup in […]