A Dog's Perspective on Reincarnation, Part Two

We continue our interview with Rider’s guardian, Christi, as she and Rider continue to communicate their desire to be reunited after Rider’s passing. If you missed the first part, check that out here.

Q: Has Rider reincarnated? Is he with you?

CJC: That is a complicated question. I used to be certain in my understanding […]

A Dog's Perspective on Reincarnation

I introduced Rider last year as a wonderful teacher of life after passing. Rider and his human continue their spirit-to-human connection, and I love being along for the ride! Another significant topic of exploration, and a question I’m asked regularly in my animal communication practice, has to do with reincarnation – is it possible? Rider […]

Rider's Story - Wisdom on Life After Death

Most of the animals I work with in my animal communication practice teach me something. These little bits of learning add up over time; sometimes a whole new concept is unveiled by one wise animal. Such was the case with Rider, a beautiful canine who enjoyed a very full life. At the end of his […]