Household Dangers for Pets

I have a few posts discussing dangers for our pets: snakes, poisonous mushrooms, and hazards around the holidays with ribbons, ornaments, Halloween candy, and toxic seasonal plants. These kinds of dangers are fairly well known but I, for one, get in a routine and can let my guard down.

I won’t attempt to mention all […]

Summer Dangers – Snakes (Part Two)

At the conclusion of “Summer Dangers – Snakes (Part One)” Cooper the black lab had been in the Veterinary Hospital for a few days after being bitten by a rattlesnake. He had received anti-venom serum, and Wendy, his temporary caregiver, along with the veterinary staff, was starting to see signs of improvement.


Morgan, […]

Summer Dangers - Snakes (Part One)

Ah, glorious summertime. Living in the mountains of Colorado, I look forward to a few months of warm, sunny weather as many of you do. Summertime brings some dangers, however, of which we all need to be aware. A previous post discussed poison mushrooms and some dangerous foliage. In most regions, summer dangers also includes […]