Assisting our Pets with Disabilities

When our beloved pets are still full of life even in the midst of a diagnosis or physical disablity, there are many resources and alternatives to keep them healthy and active for a while longer. It is amazing to me the resources available for our pets. Diabetes, degenerative myelopathy or similar, and cancer are […]

Gratitude for Service Animals

Falzone – service puppy in training

I worked with two service dogs a few days ago. One, Porter, is a Police dog trained to find drugs. The other, Boomer, is a seeing eye dog. Each in their own way expressed their absolute joy with their work. I am drawn to share their stories because […]

Pug on Wheels

Valentino’s wheels – June 2009

Those of us with elder animals or pets with special needs know how difficult it can be to watch our beloved companions slow down. Emotionally, we want to help however we can and often feel helpless. Our animals tend to “deal with” their physical limitations better than we do […]