Class Descriptions

Basic Animal Communication for Daily Living:

Conveying Information

You can communicate to your pets *without* being a professional animal communicator!

We can all learn basic skills for communicating to our pets. After attending this one and a half hour tele-class you will be able to successfully communicate simple information to your pet.

  • Reinforce solutions after a training class or animal communication session
  • Convey your love to your animals while you are away on vacation
  • Address simple behaviors such as: remind your dog to stay with you at the car rather than running through the parking lot; encourage your cat to use only the appropriate scratching posts; help your horse understand your expectations for trailering; request a less-aggressive style of play from your dominant guinea pig; and more
  • Each participant is encouraged to bring a topic to class and receive individualized guidance from Kelly on how to structure an appropriate communication to your animal. By listening to the variety of participant topics, you will learn to structure additional communications between you and your pets in your home environment.

    Due to the interactive nature of this tele-class, registration will be limited to six (6) participants.

    This is a companion class to “Basic Animal Communication: Listening Skills”

Next offering: TBA

Time: 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. MDT

Cost: $40

Purchase the two-class series, Conveying Information together with Listening Skills, and enjoy a $10 discount!

Basic Animal Communication for Daily Living:

Listening Skills

You don't need to be a professional animal communicator to communicate with your pets!

This is a companion class to “Basic Animal Communication: Conveying Information.” This two-hour tele-class will offer skills and tools needed to communicate with your animals in your home living environment and in nature. The class syllabus includes:

  • Guided meditation to learn basic skills necessary for successful connection to animals
  • Guidelines for creating a conducive environment to open yourself to your animals
  • An opportunity to practice listening skills with animals, including your own pets
  • No prerequisite, however the skills gained in “Basic Animal Communication: Conveying Information” may be helpful in structuring a more complete communication.

Next offering: TBA

Time: 6:15 – 8:15 p.m. MDT

Cost: $40

Purchase the two-class series, Conveying Information together with Listening Skills, and enjoy a $10 discount!

Deepening Connections Practice

We all can communicate telepathically with animals – it just takes practice!

If you have enjoyed communicating telepathically with your pets and would like a refresher, support, and additional practice, join animal communicator Kelly Krueger for this practice session to deepen your ability to connect regularly with your pets. This one hour tele-class will remind students of the basic principles in communication with pets and provide practice time in a group setting with your own pets.

Practice with your own animals is encouraged, although some topics may have more relevance for practice with a family member’s pet instead.

Participants who have had exposure to basic animal communication skills and techniques are good candidates for this tele-class.

Next offering: TBA

Time: 6:30 MDT

Cost $30

Flower Essences ~ Why and How

Flower essences can be powerful support for our animal companions in working though emotional discomfort.

This 45-minute informational tele-class will de-mystify the use of flower essences for pets. The class agenda includes:

  • what flower essences are
  • the benefits of usage
  • topics for usage
  • individual essences
  • blended essences
  • how to safely use flower essences for our companion animals
  • A class handout will include various brands and popular essences for pet topics.

Not currently being offered

Cost: $30

Communicating with Our Animals in Spirit

Our beloved animals who have passed may have a message for you!

This one-hour tele-class will provide an opportunity to connect with animals that have passed away. Through a guided meditation exercise, participants may have direct connection with their beloved pets, and will learn skills and tools to communicate with their passed pets on their own.

Participants are encouraged to have a photograph available of the pet with which they hope to communicate.

Communicating with animals that have passed is possible, however some animals may not choose to stay in contact, or may not be available for connection after a period of time. For this reason, participants may consider having a photo of more than one pet who has passed away available for this class.

Not currently being offered

Cost: $35