Our vet could not believe the difference in Cammi nor could I when we got to the office Fri. She toured herself around the offices by herself and spent most of her time curious about everything. No panting or fear obvious. Thank you!

~ Jane & Craig, Colorado

Schedule a Consultation

To schedule an animal communication consultation please use the online scheduling calendar.
Click on the type of consultation and duration below to open the scheduling calendar.
You will receive a confirmation email as well as a reminder email 24 hours in advance of the consultation.

If you experience difficulty using the scheduler, please call Articulate Animals at 520-372-7455 or email.

Example Questions

Examples of some questions frequently asked during consultations include:

● Is my animal experiencing any pain?

● What are his/her likes and dislikes?

● Does my animal like his/her food?

● Is there anything my animal needs from me?

● What is my pet's life purpose? Is it being fulfilled?

● Do you (the animal) have a message or advice for me?

● How does your saddle, bit, walking harness fit?

● Do you like your barn, training classes, sitter, groomer?

● Is there a way that our time together can be more fulfilling?

● Is my animal prepared to pass on?

● Does my animal want a companion?

For an animal who has passed away, this Articulate Animals blog post may be helpful in preparing for your consultation.

Preparing for Your Consultation

Animal communication consultations, either via phone or in-person, are conducted in a conversational manner. Your animals do not have to be near the telephone or in the same room during the consultation (please see Frequently Asked Questions for more information on what to expect from your animal communication experience).

For phone consultations, please mail or e-mail a photo of your animal(s) in advance of your appointment. Kelly will acknowledge the receipt of your photo(s) when received.

Please prepare for your appointment by writing down a variety of questions or topics you would like to discuss about each of your animals. Having questions and/or topics prepared in advance will help you get the most out of the consultation time. You must be honest, open and willing to participate in solutions. (You do not need to send questions ahead of time.)

What Not to Expect from a Consultation

Kelly is not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose illness. She can describe to you the symptoms the animal is feeling and other wisdom the animal may wish to present, which can then be used to assist you and your professional care provider.

Kelly is not a professional trainer. Some solutions may include a recommendation to seek out a reputable trainer in your area.