Client Comments

I want to say THANK YOU again. I don’t know what I would have done without your wonderful support!

Kelly told us Truffles, our older cat, informed her she had the job of sleeping in the bed that wasn’t a bed and cleaning up the energy in the room. Well, she sleeps on a chaise in our meditation room. Plus she showed Kelly that she is having a toothache. Sure enough, she has a crack in her fang tooth that needs extracted.

I must say that when my fiancé and I returned home from work the evening that you communicated with Ramone it was a really beautiful experience! Ramone is such an affectionate little guy (once he gets to know you) and that particular evening he was so much more doting than usual! We really felt that you helped him to understand that he is truly our family! He showered us with love and could not get enough of us!

After our session together Reba did great!  She really came around with him.

I remember in the past when I’ve pet sat for your kitty, sometimes it would take her a while to come in the house. But this time, she was always right there, rolling around on the ground, purring and meowing happily. It was very reassuring! That really is amazing how Kelly was able to talk to her about coming home for dinner!!

For about three days after we spoke, the barking completely ceased!! My fiancé and I kept texting each other about the experiences we had with Ramone where he did not bark because they were so different than what we were used to! The barking has returned but is not as extreme. We have the conversation with him when he does bark that you suggested and that usually quiets him.

I really DO feel better now knowing that his departure from his body isn’t the end of our relationship. You definitely made our bond stronger today, even though it is the end stage of his life. What a beautiful gift you provided me. I’ve been going through this many times, but never felt this peaceful feeling like today.

Thanks so much for communicating with Wilson. The next morning, he sat on the rug just as you instructed! It will require some reinforcement, but it was fun to see.

…Last week we had several strangers and new folks in and out of the house. Again no incidents, even when one of our guests offered Z her hand to sniff. We can’t attribute this to anything other than your work with him. We’ve had him for 6 years and this is the first time there has been a different attitude.

Our vet could not believe the difference in our dog nor could I when we got to the office Fri. No panting or fear obvious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling and Payment

How do I schedule an appointment?

You may call the Articulate Animals office at 303-670-0292 to schedule, or utilize the scheduling calendar on this web site.

Scheduling will generally require a few days advance notice, however Kelly occasionally has openings or cancellations not reflected on the online calendar. You may email or call Kelly to request the first available appointment opening or ask to be placed on the waiting list if your topic is more urgent than the scheduling calendar offers.

How do I pay for the consultation?

Kelly accepts checks, credit cards, or PayPal and payment is appreciated in advance of the consultation. All forms of payment are held as “pending” until after the consultation is complete.

Check: Please mail your check for your scheduled phone consultation in advance of the appointment to the address listed on the “Contact Kelly” page. It will not be cashed until your appointment is complete.

PayPal: If you plan to pay via PayPal please let Kelly know at the time of scheduling. She will email an invoice for processing in advance of your scheduled consultation.

Credit/Debit Card: If you plan to pay via credit or debit card and prefer not to use PayPal, Kelly will take your credit card information over the phone and process it at the beginning of your scheduled consultation.

What if I have an emergency or urgent issue?

Kelly will do her best to offer a time slot within a few days for urgent issues (i.e. an ill animal; an animal about to pass). If your urgent issue is health related, please schedule professional veterinary care immediately. Kelly can then present the veterinarian’s diagnosis to your pet and solicit additional information from your animal that may assist with the situation.

May I schedule a consult for just 10 or 15 minutes?

It is important when Kelly is meeting and working with animals for the first time that enough time is allowed for the animal to develop trust in Kelly and the process. It is also important for you, as a new client, to have time to fully explore your topics with your pet(s). Often, related questions will arise as the consult progresses which may provide deeper meaning and a better opportunity for understanding and/or solution of the topic.

Initial phone consultations require a 30 minute minimum in order to allow Kelly, your animals, and you to get to know one another (one hour minimum for home visits). This allows for the best possible results. Once the introduction is made and trust developed, future phone consultations may be scheduled for less than 30 minutes as appropriate.

May I ask just one or two quick questions by email or voice mail?

Kelly works interactively with you and your animal to assure the best possible communication and interpretation of the information received. Non-interactive communication sessions (email or voice mail questions) are not available. Please schedule a consultation time even if your topic(s) are brief.

Is there a cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule a consultation, please provide at least 24 hours notice so that someone from the waiting list can be scheduled.

If you miss your appointment, you will be charged for a 30 minute appointment. If you have an emergency, please contact Kelly as soon as possible and no charge will occur.

Preparation for Consultation

How do I prepare for a consultation?

You can prepare for your scheduled consultation by identifying a variety of questions or issues you would like to discuss with each of your animals. This will help you stay on track during the conversation and get the most out of the consultation time.

Kelly prefers to begin with one or two general questions before proceeding to more difficult topics, as this allows the opportunity for Kelly to introduce herself and develop a relationship with your animal.  A short list of example topics and questions can be found on the “Preparing for your Consultation” page.

What kinds of topics are appropriate for an animal communication session?

Animal communication can assist in many ways and Kelly enjoys working with animals for a variety of topics.

Behavioral issues are common topics, as are health and well being. Some clients enjoy checking in with their pets regularly just to convey their love and ensure that the pet is enjoying their food, play time, etc. Often clients will call Kelly when a change in the household is about to take place, such as a move to a new home, a new baby, leaving the pet with a care taker during a vacation period, or the loss of a loved one with whom the pet had a close relationship. Kelly can also attempt to connect with pets who have passed on.

Is it possible to communicate with an animal that has passed on?

Many animals do remain available for communication, and therefore it is possible to communicate with an animal that has passed on in most cases. This can provide an opportunity for closure and for wisdom and guidance from the beloved animal companion.

Explaining Animal Communication

A friend referred me. Does animal communication really work?

It is hard for some to understand and believe in animal communication until they participate in an animal communication session and can see the benefits and outcomes themselves. Kelly believes a little skepticism is healthy and understandable, and will spend as much time explaining the process as the client requires. Throughout the consultation, questions about the process and the information being received are encouraged.

As information from the animal is received and interpreted, clients will begin to see correlation between the answers coming from the animal and their own perception of the animal’s true personality. Often clients become true believers in animal communication during the consultation. Sometimes the most powerful “proof” animal communication works, however, comes hours or days after the consultation when the client realizes that their pet’s long-standing behavior has, in fact, changed, a message from the animal to their human becomes clear, or a visit to the vet confirms the symptoms described by the animal.

Is there a guarantee policy for Kelly’s communication work with my animals?

Kelly does not guarantee that she will be able to connect with your animals, or that the information received will be immediately understood by the client. Animals, like humans, exhibit differing levels of trust and ability to clearly convey information. If Kelly does not feel a strong connection with the animal in the first few minutes of the session, she will not proceed with the session.

Animal communication can provide a wealth of helpful information from the animal’s perspective on a variety of topics, however there is no guarantee that behaviors will change or medical symptoms will be fully disclosed.

Can Kelly communicate with an animal that does not live with me full time?

It may not be appropriate for Kelly to communicate with an animal if you are not his/her full time guardian. If you do not have the ability to make changes to improve the animal’s well being, Kelly will not agree to communicate with that animal. Although this intention is honorable, it is unfair to the animal to ask questions and receive responses if you can not affect appropriate change.

If you are an occasional care taker of an animal and have questions related only to your time with that animal, then Kelly will agree to communicate within guidelines.

Will my animal tell you my personal or family secrets?

Above all else animal’s intentions are pure. Your pet will focus on the topics for which you are seeking the consultation and will offer as much beneficial information as they can as it relates to them and your relationship with them.

Health and Behaviors

Does Animal Communication replace veterinary care?

Animal Communication does not replace veterinary health care. Talking with the animals provides information that can be helpful for you to share with your veterinarian or health care provider to better understand an illness. Kelly can guide you and your animal to uncover symptoms, determine where pain or discomfort exists, and if the symptoms are intensifying or easing. This information from your pet will assist you and your veterinarian in helping your animal.

An animal communication consultation pre- and post-surgery can help prepare your animal for the upcoming medical treatment and can assist in providing optimal after care.

Can Kelly tell my why my animal is sick?

Kelly is not a licensed health care provider and does not diagnose illness or prescribe treatments; that is the role of the animal health care professional. Utilizing animal communication in cooperation with veterinary or holistic alternative care, however, can be beneficial.

By understanding from the animal where symptoms exist and which treatments seem to relieve the symptoms most efficiently, an effective treatment plan can be established with the health care provider.

Can Kelly tell my pet to change or stop doing a certain behavior?

Kelly can not guarantee your animal will change their behavior through a communication session. Her approach is to listen to animals and understand from their perspective why they are doing a certain behavior. Often, what humans consider to be a bad or annoying behavior can indeed have good and loving intentions behind it from the animal’s reasoning. Sometimes animals are extremely devoted to the behavior, and change may be challenging.

Once the details are uncovered, solutions can be discussed and compromises can be made on behalf of the animals and the people to create harmony and balance in the home.

Phone or Home Visit Consultations

How does Animal Communication work over the phone?

Communication with your pet involves connecting with the spiritual aspect of your animal or their “higher self.” Kelly serves as a conduit, or interpreter, by expressing your comments to the animal and providing you with replies from your animal. She will tell you what she sees, feels, hears, and senses during the conversation, which are the same techniques used during in-person consultations.

Kelly requests a photo of your animals in advance of the phone consultation. If it is not possible for you to send photos, Kelly will attempt to connect with your animal via a verbal description. If a solid connection is not created through a verbal description at the beginning of the consultation, Kelly will not charge for that session or portion of the session.

Are phone consultations as good as home visits?

Kelly is available for home visits in the Denver metro area, although 90% of her animal communication consultations are administered over the phone. Most clients who have experienced both a home (or stable) visit and a telephone consultation realize that the quality of connection with their animal is equally effective regardless if Kelly is with the animal in person or talking with the human over the phone.

The most important consideration is the comfort of the animal. If the animals are distressed by having a stranger in the home, Kelly strongly encourages a phone consultation as this results in fewer distractions and therefore can result in a more thorough and effective consultation.

Do my animals need to be with me during a phone consultation?

It is not necessary to have the animals in a particular room or location during a phone consultation. It is best to allow the animals to maintain their normal routine with as few distractions as possible.

It is also best that the person be at home or in a quiet place, and with a phone connection providing minimal static to facilitate the necessary focus and concentration for both you and Kelly.