Client Comments

Sasha continues to be our 9 year old kitten and we are so thankful to you for the work you did. NOT ONE single incident in the nine months since our session!!!!

Thanks so much for communicating with Wilson. The next morning, he sat on the rug just as you instructed! It will require some reinforcement, but it was fun to see.

After our session together Reba did great!  She really came around with him.

You gave me such a precious opportunity with my Ozzy. I can never thank you enough. Now I know we are both ready. That brings incredible peace and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kelly picked up on several health issues that were perplexing me and I was able to provide additional info to the veterinarian that helped to diagnose what the issues were.

I remember in the past when I’ve pet sat for your kitty, sometimes it would take her a while to come in the house. But this time, she was always right there, rolling around on the ground, purring and meowing happily. It was very reassuring! That really is amazing how Kelly was able to talk to her about coming home for dinner!!

I really DO feel better now knowing that his departure from his body isn’t the end of our relationship. You definitely made our bond stronger today, even though it is the end stage of his life. What a beautiful gift you provided me. I’ve been going through this many times, but never felt this peaceful feeling like today.

I am amazed … after over a year of cajoling, coaxing and finally heaving him up in the car, Dexter has jumped up for every walk this weekend.  He is proud of himself and we are thrilled.

I must say that when my fiancé and I returned home from work the evening that you communicated with Ramone it was a really beautiful experience! Ramone is such an affectionate little guy (once he gets to know you) and that particular evening he was so much more doting than usual! We really felt that you helped him to understand that he is truly our family! He showered us with love and could not get enough of us!

Kelly told us Truffles, our older cat, informed her she had the job of sleeping in the bed that wasn’t a bed and cleaning up the energy in the room. Well, she sleeps on a chaise in our meditation room. Plus she showed Kelly that she is having a toothache. Sure enough, she has a crack in her fang tooth that needs extracted.

Referral Program, 2013

I am pleased to announce a referral program offered by Articulate Animals this year.

“A referral program?” you might ask. “But I refer my friends and family to you anyway, even without a referral program” many of you have said.

Words can’t express how much I appreciate working with you and the trust you place in me when you refer your friends and family and their precious pets to me for an animal communication consultation. A referral discount is just one small way that I can say “thank you.”

Donated Referral Discounts
Discounts donated to date: 105%   Discounts still available for use: 5%
Families benefited to date: 5
There is a twist to this 2013 program that I’m very excited about. I know there are families who cherish their animals and often place priority on Fluffy’s dental cleaning or high-quality food for Fido over a gym membership for themselves or a dinner out once in a while. For those families with a pet that could significantly benefit from an animal communication session but simply do not have the few dollars available in their household budget, this referral program will hold special interest. I’ve created a bank, of sorts, for unused or unneeded referral discounts and I am happy to apply those discounts to families whose pets mean the world to them and would find value in hearing what their pets have to say.

How can you participate?

1. When you refer new clients to Articulate Animals I will gratefully notate a referral discount on your account. You can use that discount for your next animal communication consultation, or if you prefer you can donate that discount to the referral bank. That is one way to participate.

2. Another way is to let me know of a deserving family who would greatly benefit from an animal communication consultation but their budget does not allow. When referral discounts add up to a half-price or free consultation, a family will be selected by lottery and contacted to schedule a consultation with Kelly.

I will keep this page updated with referral donation statistics. Check back every now and then to see how many families have benefited from this referral program and your generosity!

Again, thank you for your support of Articulate Animals. The precious animals of the world thank you too!