Client Comments

Thanks so much for communicating with Wilson. The next morning, he sat on the rug just as you instructed! It will require some reinforcement, but it was fun to see.

I must say that when my fiancé and I returned home from work the evening that you communicated with Ramone it was a really beautiful experience! Ramone is such an affectionate little guy (once he gets to know you) and that particular evening he was so much more doting than usual! We really felt that you helped him to understand that he is truly our family! He showered us with love and could not get enough of us!

I am amazed … after over a year of cajoling, coaxing and finally heaving him up in the car, Dexter has jumped up for every walk this weekend.  He is proud of himself and we are thrilled.

I really DO feel better now knowing that his departure from his body isn’t the end of our relationship. You definitely made our bond stronger today, even though it is the end stage of his life. What a beautiful gift you provided me. I’ve been going through this many times, but never felt this peaceful feeling like today.

After our session together Reba did great!  She really came around with him.

Our vet could not believe the difference in our dog nor could I when we got to the office Fri. No panting or fear obvious.

I remember in the past when I’ve pet sat for your kitty, sometimes it would take her a while to come in the house. But this time, she was always right there, rolling around on the ground, purring and meowing happily. It was very reassuring! That really is amazing how Kelly was able to talk to her about coming home for dinner!!

Sasha continues to be our 9 year old kitten and we are so thankful to you for the work you did. NOT ONE single incident in the nine months since our session!!!!

For about three days after we spoke, the barking completely ceased!! My fiancé and I kept texting each other about the experiences we had with Ramone where he did not bark because they were so different than what we were used to! The barking has returned but is not as extreme. We have the conversation with him when he does bark that you suggested and that usually quiets him.

Kelly picked up on several health issues that were perplexing me and I was able to provide additional info to the veterinarian that helped to diagnose what the issues were.

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