Susan ~ Colorado

I am all astonishment: Last night, NO problems getting Daisy to sleep in the living room. She didn't even consider sleeping in our room. I did what you suggested, talking to her about it before bedtime, and we had a great opportunity to give her something useful to do: The racoons had gotten into the birdbath and I told her she needed to tell me when they started doing that again so I could shoo them off! She stayed in the living room and let me know at 1:45am that they were back.

I couldn't believe it-- she never came down the hallway to our room, never gave me a sad face, never looked forlornly at the living room as if there was no good place for a dog to sleep (there are several cush spots out there, believe me). Wonderful!

Marissa ~ Illinois

Thank you again for our call. I’ll have to do some check-ins more often. They really do instantly help. What a special gift you have! It’s truly amazing. Ringo is doing so much better! We found this perfect, inexpensive, dry fit, summer shirt. He absolutely loves it! I had no idea. I’m not sure what he needs it for but it certainly is making him happy and that’s all that matters!

Leila ~ Colorado

I am so pleased to report that [my puppy]'s demand barking with [her elder dog companion] continues to decrease and she understands the request to CHILL better and better. AND the biggest thing is that she is starting to initiate play with [the elder]! It is so awesome to watch and I silently praise both of them, but especially [the puppy], for doing this and for doing it so well!

Thanks again for your help with this. Really for all my journeys with this pack of mine!

Chris ~ Illinois

After our session together Reba did great!  She really came around with [our temporary foster dog].

Jane ~ Iowa

I am amazed … after over a year of cajoling, coaxing and finally heaving him up in the car, Dexter has jumped up [into the car] for every walk this weekend.  He is proud of himself and we are thrilled.

As [my husband] said, “You can’t argue with facts!”

Amy ~ Wyoming

For about three days after we spoke, the barking completely ceased!! My fiancé and I kept texting each other about the experiences we had with Ramone where he did not bark because they were so different than what we were used to! The barking has returned but is not as extreme. We have the conversation with him when he does bark that you suggested and that usually quiets him.

Student ~ Basic Animal Communication for Daily Living

It was such a good class and the way you structured it helped me succeed and understand. I had a surprising visit by my childhood dog thanking me for what I had recently written about him. Your teaching is giving me a gift I've wanted for some time.

Kris ~ Illinois

Dear Kelly,

This time with you was my birthday present. I could have done anything with the “funds” available and chose time with you. It was the best choice I could have ever made. You gave me such a precious opportunity with my Ozzy. I can never thank you enough. Now I know we are both ready. That brings incredible peace and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And God bless you for sharing your gift with us.

Colleen & David ~ California

Sasha continues to be our 9 year old kitten and we are so thankful to you for the work you did. NOT ONE single incident in the nine months since our session!!!!

Student ~ Communicating with Our Animals in Spirit

I want to again thank you for giving me the opportunity to connect with Topaz. I feel such relief from the experience. I made her the promise, as she was making her transition, that I would learn how to keep in touch with her, and I had felt as if I had failed her, not because I wasn’t trying, but because I couldn’t do it. With my experiences this afternoon connecting with Topaz through your guidance and my other kitty’s encouragement, that’s all changed now.

Fran ~ Virginia

Alex and Rambo are doing great. I thank you again for communicating to both of them. It has made all the difference in the world. Alex now rides in the car without the kennel and I know she understands what is expected of her. Rambo is as loving as ever. He looks at me like we have a secret because I understand him.

Audrey ~ Colorado

I wanted to wait a week before I reported on Fergus’ progress. I’ve decided that you are truly talented. Fergus has exhibited the behavior only once and that was last Monday morning; he has been mistake-proof since. We really appreciate your help with our little guy. I’ll be giving your name and number to my friend.
We are your fans.

Student ~ Basic Animal Communication for Daily Living

Your making the main points via a personal example of your own was excellent. It helped one think about how to do it for yourself.

Jane ~ Iowa

Thanks so much for communicating with Wilson. The next morning, he sat on the rug just as you instructed! It will require some reinforcement, but it was fun to see.
I really, really enjoyed talking to you and about our beloved Wilson. I am so pleased that this kind of thing is possible! Both of the kids were very impressed with all that you gathered about our dog.

Karen ~ Animal Rescue Organization


I wanted to thank you for chatting with Spruce. I’d like to notify you that he has since really improved and has found a wonderful home. His new Veterinarian calls him “the calm dog.” He is living with a small family of three with a stay at home mom. Exactly who he has been waiting for. Thank you so much for helping us to help him. We are all so content that he is able to finally be a dog.

Yukari ~ Colorado

Miss Kelly,

Thank you so much for taking extra time for me and my cats today. Kimama sure amused me for a few questions I asked, and I really DO feel better now knowing that his departure from his body isn’t the end of our relationship. You definitely made our bond stronger today, even though it is the end stage of his life. What a beautiful gift you provided me. I’ve been going through this many times, but never felt this peaceful feeling like today.
Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me and my cats.

Jane & Craig ~ Colorado


Our vet could not believe the difference in Cammi nor could I when we got to the office Fri. She toured herself around the offices by herself and spent most of her time curious about everything. No panting or fear obvious. Thanks for all!

Anita ~ Colorado


I thought you’d be interested in an update, one of which is rather amazing, from our perspective. I took your advice and warned Zuma, our attack cat, prior to us having house guests that we’d be having company and his attendance at the party is indeed a privilege, one that he would have to earn. I’d give him a chance and if he was unwelcoming in any way, he’d been removed from the scene. He was remarkable! No incidents whatsoever. He didn’t stalk, swipe, harass, make a scene. We hardly knew he was present. OK, so maybe that was a fluke…
But no, last week we had several strangers and new folks in and out of house (having some work done) and holiday visits–again no incidents, even when one of our guests offered Zuma her hand to sniff. We can’t attribute this to anything other than your work with him. We’ve had him for 6 years and this is the first time there has been a different attitude.

From a FaceBook Post

Kelly Krueger you are amazing. If anyone needs a pet communicator, I highly recommend Kelly. Kelly told us Truffles, our older cat, informed her she had the job of sleeping in the bed that wasn’t a bed and cleaning up the energy in the room. Well, she sleeps on a chaise in our meditation room. Plus she showed Kelly that she is having a toothache. Sure enough, she has a crack in her fang tooth that needs extracted.

Lorraine ~ Oregon

Dear Kelly,

See what my kitty sitter says below about her being right at the door at dinnertime. She seems to have understood clearly your instruction to her about that being her responsibility. This makes me very happy! Thank you for your very helpful vacation consultation.

exerpt from pet sitter’s email:  I remember in the past sometimes your kitty cat would take awhile to come in, and I would get a little nervous if she hadn’t appeared in ten minutes or so.  But this time, she was always right there, rolling around on the ground, purring and meowing happily.  It was very reassuring!  That really is amazing how Kelly was able to talk to her about coming home for dinner!!

Amy ~ Wyoming

I must say that when my fiancé and I returned home from work the evening that you communicated with Ramone it was a really beautiful experience! Ramone is such an affectionate little guy (once he gets to know you) and that particular evening he was so much more doting than usual! We really felt that you helped him to understand that he is truly our family! He showered us with love and could not get enough of us!

Student ~ Basic Animal Communication for Daily Living

...All animals are different I knew I just had to find her language. After hearing your method (briefly) I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk the old speech way and got the same cocked head not sure what you are saying but Im listening response. So I visualized us going on a walk to one of our favorite places. Instantly got the tail wag and excited response I was looking for! Oh the things animals can teach us! Thanks again, I look forward to more training w/you!